ひょっとしてあの人? ゲイに見られる10の特徴


前回レズビアンの特徴を紹介したので、今度はゲイの典型的なイメージ (ステレオタイプ) を上げてみます。ステレオタイプなので、これが当てはまるからゲイというわけではありませんが、知っておくことは無駄ではありません。

We previously introduced 10 lesbian stereotypes so now we’ll be talking about gay ones. Not to say that if you fall into any of these that you swing that way, so rest assured and continue to like and dress whatever way you want!

レズビアンのステレオタイプについて書いたので、ゲイの男性のステレオタイプについても平等に書かないとね。私はステレオタイプの専門家でもないし、ステレオタイプが全部当たってるってことでもありません。このステレオタイプに当てはまるからってあなたがゲイって訳でもありません。LGBT のコミュニティにはステレオタイプが多いです。国と文化と人種にもあるのと同じように。で、もしまだ LGBT の頭文字単語がよくわからないって人がいたら、大丈夫ですよ!全部説明してる記事もちゃんとあるから!

Since we did a lesbian stereotype article, it’s only fair to go over the 10 stereotypes for gay men. I am by no means an expert on stereotypes, and stereotypes are not all true. Nor does it mean that if you fit into any of these stereotypes that you are gay. The LGBT community is full stereotypes, just like countries, cultures, and different ethnicities are. Now, if you are unfamiliar with the LGBT acronyms, make sure you check out this article that breaks down everything!


So, shall we see what kind of stereotypes exist for gay men?

1. Fashionable / オシャレでしょ。

よく言われているステレオタイプが、ファッション業界は女性によって回っている業界で、かつ、ゲイの男性の業界だというもの。ある程度は真実味はあるかもしれませんが、だからと言ってストレートの男性がファッション業界には居ないってことじゃないですよ!キレているアドニスみたいな男性モデルがみんなゲイっていうことでもありません!Francisco Lachowski を見てください。彼は結婚していて息子もいます。プレイボーイの Tommy Hilfiger も2回も結婚していて子供5人もいます。まぁ、プレイボーイじゃないかもしれませんね、ただ愛を間違ったところで探しているだけでしょうね。私が言いたいのは「上」と「下」を合わせられるだけで、古い服でも新しく見せられる、スタイリッシュだからってゲイってワケじゃないです。ただのステレオタイプなんです。逆にゲイだからってオシャレじゃないといけないってわけでもありません。私の仲の良い友達の Alejandro は自分の服装に全く意識してないし、努力もしていません。彼は常にジーンズとT シャツを着ています。ファッションに興味ないし、テレビゲームとランウェイ番組を見ることに興味を示します。でも彼はゲイです。めっちゃゲイです。それでもファッションについてはどうでもいい、って感じだよ。

There is a well known stereotype that the fashion industry is run by women and gay men, while some of this is based on fact, that doesn’t mean straight men aren’t making their own mark in the fashion world! Nor does it mean that all chiseled-adonis-like male models are gay! Check out Francisco Lachowski who is married with a son. Or playboy Tommy Hilfiger, who has been married twice and has five children. Well…perhaps he’s not a playboy…and he’s just looking for love in all the wrong places. The point is just because you know what top goes well with what bottom, and how to turn an old outfit into something new, fresh and stylish doesn’t mean you’re gay. It’s just a stereotype. Nor does it mean if you’re gay you HAVE to be fashionable. My good friend Alejandro detests any sort of effort put into creating an outfit. His daily getup is jeans and a t-shirt. He has no interest in fashion and prefers playing video games to watching run way shows. But homeboy is gay. Hella gay. And he gives no fucks about fashion.

2. Girly/Sassy | 性格が女の子っぽい / 生意気でしょ。

ゲイの人は女性っぽくて生意気なイメージがあるみたいです。まぁ、そのような人が1番メディア上で目立つのかもしれませんが、だからと言ってみんながそうってわけではありません。Tyler Oakley Frankie Grande みたいなキラキラしてる人もいれば、Zachary QuintoMatt Bomer のような男前の男性もいます。それにゲイじゃなくて生意気な男性なんてたくさんいるでしょうし、服装もちょっと都会っぽく、女性っぽい仕草する人もいます。もし、あなたが女性っぽくて生意気で、ゲイだったらパーティーの中心部に立っている人として知られているかもしれませんね。ストレートな女性は生意気なゲイの男性が本当に大好きなんです。共感できるし、自分の生意気な部分を出せない人ならどうでも良いって思うような友達がいれば肩の力も抜けるし、明るい友達を通して自分の事みたいに楽しめます。

There is this conception that all gay men are girly or sassy. While those who stand out or gain a lot of media attention may tend to lean towards this stereotype, this does not mean that all gay men are girly or sassy. While there are people like Tyler Oakley or Frankie Grande who like to be flashy, there are also guys like Zachary Quinto and Matt Bomer who would not fall under the girly and sassy category. Plus, I’m sure there are plenty of sassy guys out there who aren’t gay, or guys who like to dress a bit metro and enjoy having girly moments. However, if you happen to be girly or sassy and gay you may be known to be the life of the party. Straight women LOVE sassy gay men. They can relate and for those who can’t voice out their own brand of sass, having a friend who gives no fucks can help them feel more at ease and lets the live vicariously through their friends’ vivaciousness.

3. Skinny or super buff / 体型ってガリガリかマッチョか、でしょ。

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The usual stereotype is that all gay men are skinny. Or, if they are not skinny, then they are super buff. I mean, with the stereotype that they are fashionable, then this idea isn’t too far fetched. But just because you are gay does not mean you are, or have to be, a certain body shape. In fact, there are gay men who are not skinny or super buff. There are average sized men, there are plump men. Just like any other human being, your sexuality and body type has absolutely no correlation. I mean, if that were the case, then there would be many gay men in Japan, where a lot of the men are quite skinny in comparison to other countries. However, men argue that they in general are visual creatures which may be one of the reasons why they work so hard to be buff or slender to appeal the hunk of their dreams.

4. V-necks, short shorts, deep cut tank tops / Vネック、ホットパンツ、カット深めなタンクトップ着るでしょ。

ゲイの男性は… V ネックか脇が深いタンクトップとホットパンツか、もの凄いスキニーパンツしか履きません。面白いことに、男っぽい男性はこのような服装しません。こういう服を着る人もいるけど、ゲイの男性全てには当てはまりません。でも、まぁ、V ネックは胸を見せられるし、ホットパンツは脚を見せれるし、タンクトップは上半身をチラチラと見せられますけどね。それにゲイの男性はオシャレなんで、常に中心にいたいから、もちろん露出が多い服を着て男性の目を引くんだよね?って。でもさ、ホットパンツとかって日本でも人気でしたよね…V ネックも。

Gay men only wear v-necks or deep cut tank tops with short shorts or skinny skinny jeans. This is quite entertaining because these articles of clothing aren’t always worn by masculine men. While they may wear these items, this does not apply to every gay man. But, you know, v-necks show your chest, short shorts show off your legs, and deep cut tank tops just show your upper body. And since gay men are fashionable and tend to be attention seekers, of course they want to show off as much skin as they can to get other men to look at them. Right? But, then again, short shorts seemed to be quite popular in Japan…as well as v-necks.

5. Can’t play sports / スポーツできないでしょ。

ゲイ男性が女の子っぽくて生意気だってイメージがあるからなのか、スポーツできないってイメージがあります。なぜなら女性はスポーツできませんからね(Serena WilliamsMia Hamm は幻想なんです)。でもちょっと待って、プロアスリートでゲイの人はどうなの?Orland CruzJohn AmaechiJason Collins Robbie Rogersとか。この男性たちはかなり男前で、かーなりアスレチックでマッチョな外見ですよ?

Perhaps because gay men have this image that they are girly and sassy, of course they cannot play sports. Because girls obviously don’t play sports (Serena Williams and Mia Hamm are only a figment of our imaginations). But wait a second, what about all the professional athletes who are openly gay like Orland Cruz, John Amaechi, Jason Collins and Robbie Rogers? And can we take a moment to say that all of these men are quite athletic and quite masculine by appearance?

6. Hand gestures / ハンドジェスチャーするでしょ。

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People and the media like to portray gay men as animated and quite expressive with their words, body language and hands. In the media they’re always portrayed as having wild hand gestures and movements. But in reality just because a person uses their hands to express thoughts or emotions doesn’t mean they are gay. Sometimes it’s just easier to use your hands to illustrate how beautifully round a person’s butt was, or how crazy your boss made you feel last Friday. Communication is done with all parts of the body.

7. Loves Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Madonna / ビヨンセ、レディーガガ、ブリトニースピアーズとかマドンナ大好きでしょ。

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Does your best guy friend love Beyonce? Rock out to Lady Gaga at Karaoke? Swivel his hips to Britney Spears and Madonna on the dance floor? Then he has to be gay. JUST KIDDING. Homeboy could just have great taste in music and like high energy female artists. Gay or straight I would want that guy friend hanging with me at the club and cutting a rug.

8. Very clean and neat / キレイで、ちゃんとしてるでしょ。


While many people are clean and neat, because adults should all be clean and neat, this is not always the case. I personally have a few friends who are extremely messy and unorganized. I remember I had to go grab something for my friend because he had forgotten it at home. When I got to his room, I was mortified at the mess. I’m not sure if I could walk through his room without stepping on something. Whether you are gay, or not, you should be neat and tidy as an adult. That’s part of growing up, right?

9. Promiscuous / 遊んでるでしょ。

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There seems to be this image that all gay men are quite promiscuous. But…isn’t that anyone who likes playing in the dating field? No matter you genitals or sexual preferences, promiscuous people will always be promiscuous and those who are not, are not. At one point or another, most people go through slut spirals. But, if all promiscuous people are gay, then take a look around you and all of your friends who are considered promiscuous. They’re definitely gay.

10. Has a lisp / 舌足らずでしょ。


It is said that a characteristic of a gay man is to speak with a lisp. While there have been studies done on this idea, and scientists claiming they have discovered correlations to sexual orientation and speech habits, there is really no solid proof. In fact, I have seen tests done where people must identify men based on their speech patterns. But, because there are no real connections between the two, it was just pointless…at least in my opinion. I know plenty of people who speak with a lisp who are not gay and gay men who speak clearly.


As I said in the previous article, and at the introduction, stereotypes are not always true, and they should not be guild lines for labeling people or yourself. In the end, you do you. Just because you do any of these things, don’t feel self conscious about being seen as gay, or straight, or human. You are you! That’s it!

~Junko, Kristina, Thomas