アメリカ=銃社会というイメージが強くありますが、事件発生数をみると依然大きな社会問題です。しかし意外かもしれませんが Listn.me のアメリカ出身スピーカーは街で銃をみたことはありません。この記事は銃を肯定するものではありませんが、住んでいた経験をもとに実際のところを紹介しようと思います。

There is a strong image that America is full of guns with many mass shootings. This might be surprising, but there are speakers here at Listn.me from America that have not seen guns. This isn’t an article supporting gun control, but to introduce to you what it is actually like living in America.

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In recent news, there have been numerous shootings. In fact, it can be said that this is happening weekly. Somewhere, someone has taken a gun out and shot one, two, five, ten people. There is this general conception from the outside world that America is littered with guns and people carry around their shotguns even to the supermarket.
I can’t fully deny this, because there have been photos circulating around the internet of people carrying their guns into WalMart, but I would like to bring some solace to this growing fear. Yes, America in comparison to many other countries, does have a much higher number of firearms in the household. But, this does not mean that you will be encountering a gun in your daily life. At least, depending on who and where you decide to hang around.

How many guns are in America? / アメリカにはどのくらい銃があるのか

Guns in America によると、アメリカには約2.7億の拳銃があります。だいたい1人に対して銃が1丁ある計算です。それでも毎年銃の数は減っています。また、Pew research によるとアメリカ国内では南部にいる白人の成人が割合的に一番多く銃を持っています。銃の数は多いです。それは確実ですが、その銃の数も今起こっている様々な事件や殺人事件の影響で減ってきています。

According to Guns in America, there are approximately 270 million firearms in America. There is roughly one gun per person. Yet, the number of guns owned by citizens have been decreasing yearly, and according to the Pew research there is a higher chance for an older caucasian adult in the south to own a firearm than anyone else. There are a lot of guns, this is true, but the number is declining due to the numerous accidents and homicides that have been happening.

How many shootings occur? / では射殺事件の数はどうか

もうずっと前から大量射殺事件は起きていますが、2011年からその数が増えてきています。「大量射殺」を定義する要因は人それぞれですが、The Mass Shooting Tracker によると、今年(2015年)だけで273回も射殺事件があったそうです。射殺事件がアメリカで頻出しているからか、ニュースに毎回は取り上げられていません。これは非常に悲しい現実ですが、毎日出来る限りのニュースを読んでいる私でも全てを耳にすることが出来ない程に多くの事件が起きています。

Although there have been mass shootings for years, it wasn’t until 2011 that there seemed to be an increase in numbers of shootings. What is considered to be a “mass shooting” though, differs depending upon the source and researcher, but according to The Mass Shooting Tracker, there have been 273 shootings in 2015 alone. In fact, shootings have become a common issue in America that it seems as though many of these shootings do not all make it onto the news. This is a very unfortunate statement, but there are so many shootings that I haven’t heard about, even though I keep up with the news the best I can.

How often to do you see guns? / 銃を目にする頻度はどのくらいか


Even thought here are so many shootings, I honestly have not seen a gun carried by anyone other than officers. I do have a few friends who hunt, or their fathers hunt, but I have never seen any sign of a gun in their house, since they lock them up safely. The only way that I can tell they hunt is the horrible choice in decor…I don’t feel all too comfortable with animal heads staring down at me when I walk into their house.


I have lived in Oregon for six years and Texas for two and a half years but I have never touched a gun, nor have I seen one up close. Whether this is because I am just a sheltered human being or what, I am not sure.

How big of a factor is location? / 範囲としてはどのくらいなものなのか

地域によって銃規制は変わります。州によって規制も違いますし、どこに持ち歩いていいのか、どこではダメなのかも違います。Washington Post によると、アメリカ国内での拳銃所持者数を地域別に見るとこんな感じです :

Location can play a large part in gun control. Each state has different restrictions on firearms and where you can or cannot carry them. According to the Washington Post, if we break down the percentage of guns located in the different areas of America, this is what it would look like:




But the percentage doesn’t really make a big difference if you take a look at this map that showcases where shootings have taken place and how large they have been.




According to this map, the LA area and Boston area are the where shootings happen the most. And yet, they are some of the most popular tourist areas. I don’t think that the broad location of where you are, like which side of the coast you’re on or what state you’re in plays too much of a role in how dangerous or how many guns there are. It is more within the city you are in. Of course there are dangerous sides to every city you visit, unless its population is less than twenty…then there are no sides.


In the end, all I can say, again, is that I have never seen a gun. Nor have I ever touched one. Although, I would like to try at least once (by having the experience, I will understand the weight of a gun and feel the power it holds. I believe having knowledge of this is important). So is America dangerous? It can be. But is it more dangerous than other countries? Maybe. Perhaps you don’t have to worry about guns in Australia, but there are plenty more to worry about there…like the entire country that is trying to get rid of the human civilization. But, I do believe that America should be a little more strict on their gun laws. It is quite ridiculous that guns are sold over the counter. Even if you need to have a license to own one.

アメリカに住んだことのある仲間たちに銃の経験を聞いてみました!Thomas は内戦イベントで、当時実際に使われていた銃が出展されていたのを見た事があります。その銃が使われた場面も見られて、彼自身も銃を撃たせてもらえる機会があったみたいです。Thomasいわく、「マスケット銃だったと思う。」だとか。
Kristina が私たちの中で1番経験があります。彼女の父親は銃を持っていて、ターゲット射撃や射撃練習場に行った事があります。言える事としては、私たち3人とも街を歩いていて不審者が銃を取り出す場面なんてこれまで一度も見たことがない、という事です。だからといって100%安全、と断言する訳ではないですが、銃のせいでアメリカに行くことをためらっている人がいたら、そこまで慎重にならなくても良いんじゃないかな?と言いたいです。

I asked fellow peers who have also lived in America about their experiences with guns also! Thomas has only seen guns at the civil war event where they had actual guns used during that time on display. He also saw the guns being handled and was allowed to shoot one himself. “I think it was a musket.”
Kristina has had the most experiences with guns out of all of us. Her father owned a gun and she has also gone target shooting and to a shooting range. What we can get from this is that all three of us have walked down the street and we have never seen anyone pull out a gun for no reason. There is no way to really say that it is 100% safe, but if there is anyone who is hesitating on going to America because of guns, you don’t have to be too worried about it, at least, in my opinion.


Just remember, every country has it’s own flaws…as well as their strengths.