Recently, the term “genderless” has become more common. In the past year in America, this has become a hot topic, but there are many people who don’t fully understand. So, we thought we could break it down for you guys!


2015 has been a big year in many countries for growing in our understanding of gender. People are becoming more critical and questioning how it dictates our thoughts and actions. For those of you whom are still unsure of the difference between gender and sex, sex is what you are biologically born as and gender is what you identify as. For me, both my sex and gender match. I was born male and I also identify as one. This makes me a cisgender male. It’s important to keep in mind that someone’s gender has nothing to do with their sexual orientation. Your gender is who you are and your sexual orientation is who you like.


While gender is something you identify as, it also comes along with societal pressure. There are established norms for what it means to be a woman or a man. This applies itself to what are acceptable professions, what we do in our free time, and what clothes we wear. Back in the day, it was considered improper for women to wear suits. As time went on, attitudes changed, and designers adapted as well. They changed the cuts, materials, and colors they used to create suits acceptable for women. Now times are changing again, and the upcoming trend is genderless fashion.


The fashion industry and designers are starting to think about clothes differently. They’re realizing that gender can be a kind of performance. Some days a person may want to dress more masculine, and some days they’ll want to be feminine. It doesn’t matter what a person’s gender is because these elements and desires exist in us all. There also are designers that don’t want to be constrained by things like the gender binary or societal norms, so they can make whatever the hell they want.


最近ではイギリスのデパート、Selfridgesエージェンダー向けの売り場を設けたことで注目を集めています。お店の中にジェンダーに関係なく買い物ができる売り場を作りました。メンズやウィメンズのセクションがないのです。なので、お客さんは色、フィット感、スタイルなどで服を選び、ジェンダーに邪魔されずに買い物ができます。この売り場の責任者、Faye Toogoodは「ファッション界の中ではジェンダーの考え方は不明確になってきている」と述べています。中性的なデザインを推奨していくことで、デザイナーさんにももっと違ったシルエットを追求する余地ができたり、ジェンダーの枠にとらわれたくないお客さんのニーズにも応えることができます。

Recently British department store Selfridges has been getting noticed for creating their Agender concept space. They’ve made a space within their store where customers can have a genderless shopping experience. There is no mens or women’s section. Instead customers have the freedom to find clothes with the color, fit, and style they like without the idea of gender hindering them. Faye Toogood, whom designed the space, states that gender lines within fashion are becoming more ambiguous. Promoting androgynous looks is giving designers more room to explore different silhouettes and meet the needs of consumers that don’t want to be restricted by gender roles.

Yohji Yamamoto pour homme S/S 2016 show footage

このトレンドはこれからも広がっていきます。もう東京でもその影響が見受けられます。Fake Tokyo のようなお店ではいろんなブランドやデザイナーさんの洋服がありますが、お店自体にはメンズやウィメンズのセクションがないのです。有名デザイナー、山本耀司は洋服をメンズとウィメンズラインに分けていますが、彼がいかにジェンダーというコンセプトに遊びを入れているかが解ります。伝統的に女性向きだと思われていた形や模様が彼のメンズラインにあったりします。その逆も、彼のデザインするウィメンズの洋服に当てはまります。日本でもう一つ有名なブランド、Comme des Garçons ではジェンダーレスなスタイルもあり、ユニセックスの洋服があります。もし海外のデザイナーさんでジェンダーのコンセプトを変えている人を探したいという場合はリック・オウエンスも要チェックです。

This trend is only going to grow and its influence can already be seen in Tokyo. Stores likes Fake Tokyo carry clothing brands from various designers, but the store itself has no mens or women’s section. Renowned Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto has his clothes separated into a men’s and women’s line, but you can see how he plays with gender. Shapes and patterns traditionally thought of as feminine can be found in his clothing for men. The opposite can be said for the women’s clothes he designs. Comme des Garçons is another world famous Japanese brand that where you can see genderless looks and unisex clothing. If you’re looking for a foreign designer that pushes gender norms, you should check out Rick Owens.



I’m not sure if I’ll be changing my style anytime soon, but I do appreciate the boundaries this trend is breaking down. Getting rid of societal norms makes it easier for everyone to be who they truly are. People should have the option to wear whatever they like regardless of whether it’s more feminine, masculine, or what their perceived gender is. What do you think about genderless fashion? Let me know!