今まで外国に住んだことが無い人は必見です。ある人も共感できるかな? 海外生活を始めると多くの人が通る道を解説します。やはり外から観るのと実際に住むのは大きな違いがありますね。

If you haven’t lived abroad, you definitely need to check this out. If you’ve lived abroad, maybe you can relate? In this article, we will be explaining stages you might go through. It’s very different when you actually live there than just imagining living abroad.


Moving to a new country is an exciting thing. Especially if it is by your choice. So, for those who want to go study abroad or do a working holiday in the country of your choice, I would like to walk you through some common stages one goes through when they arrive and settle into their new home. Keep in mind, everyone’s experiences are going to be different, and this is only an exaggerated version of what may, or may not, happen to you.

Excitement / とにかく楽しくて仕方が無い

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This is the stage that you go through when you first arrive to your desired country. During this phase, you believe that everything is truly perfect and that everything is just as fantastic as you imagined it to be. This is also where you deny all of the known flaws of the said country. No matter how many times someone tells you or how many forums on the internet say this, nothing enters your ear.

Realization / 色々と気付くようになる

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This is the phase when you start to see that not everything is as peachy as you saw it to be. You become disappointed that this country you are now living in is not made out of cotton candy and butterflies. The known facts that you denied are now glaringly obvious and you have come to accept that you were wrong.

Criticism / 批判的になる

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This is when you become the harshest critic of this country. You become hyper aware of every little thing that bothers you of the ways the country operates. You become very judgmental of everything that happens.

Isolation / 孤独に苛まれる

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The loneliness sets in at this point. You begin to isolate yourself because not everybody shares the same views as yourself. You struggle with the language barrier, you become homesick and also find it difficult to make friends.

Anger / 何かと怒りがこみ上げて来る

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After getting over the initial isolation period, you will soon become furious from the built up stress and sadness. You will begin to hate the country and everything about it. The food, the customs, the people, the weather and even their birds. You start to strike out because the perfect image you held for this country has been shattered. You then believe that you must warn everyone else who might possibly want to come through the internet forums and websites.

Enlightenment / そして悟りの境地へ

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If you are able to get over this anger, you will reach an enlightenment stage. This is where you just open up and accept everything about this country. You realize that not everything is perfect and that there are positives that you can get out of any of the negative. You begin learn to adapt to how things are. You become at peace with your inner demon.


While this may not all be the most accurate list of stages that everyone goes through when they move to a new country, it seems to be something the majority of people do go through. In one way or another, you will get over the initial sugar coated blindness and become disappointed. Then you either get over it or you leave the country. Sometimes things just don’t work out, and that doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with the country, or yourself. It just means that you living in that specific country doesn’t complement you.


Have you been through any of these stages? Are you at any of these stages?
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