Beauty marks are birthmarks. Dimples, moles, chins, there are specific words in English that don’t exist in Japanese to describe these features. Do you have any?

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Birthmarks, beauty marks…these dark little blemishes were the bane of my existence as a child. I had them all over. A few scattered on my arms and legs, one on my neck, one on the right side of my mouth and one dead center on the bridge of my nose. I didn’t mind the ones on my body so much. In fact, I had one on my right pointer finger and thought that was cool. Like it made my pointer finger special…different somehow. I couldn’t do anything cool like shoot lasers out of it or anything…but I imagined that it was stronger than all my other fingers…and all other fingers in the galaxy. I guess even as a kid I was fixated on strength and completely lacking in the department of logic. Anyways, the marks on my face were what bothered me. They seemed to interrupt my skin and gather the focus of people’s stares when they talked to me. Of course I was probably just feeling self-conscious and over sensitive. But who could blame me?? All the witches and villains in the stories sported moles and beauty marks. I didn’t want to look like them! Little did I know that outside of fairytale land…moles and birthmarks were considered a beauty accessory. Here are some of the beauty marks and physical features that I found were popular in the US. Have you heard of them before?

Marilyn Monroe / マリリン・モンロー

IMG: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/epicrapbattlesofhistory/images/d/db/Monrooooe.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150516014747

IMG: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/epicrapbattlesofhistory/images/d/db/Monrooooe.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150516014747

マリリン・モンローの顔 = セックス

Marilyn Monroe’s Face = Sex
Err…I mean sexy.


This birthmark was named after the golden bombshell, Marilyn Monroe. It is located above the corner of the mouth and draws attention to a person’s lips. People ( especially women ) with birthmarks near their mouth are considered to be beautiful and sensual. And I totally agree! It gives people a reason to stare at your mouth. :D

Dimples of Venus (back dimples) / ヴィーナスのえくぼ




I love butts and backs. <3


Dimples of Venus, also known as back dimples, are two small indentations on each side of the spine right above the butt. Venus was the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility. Having dimples of venus is thought to be very cute and sexy…on women. However, I’m not sure the same can be said about men who have back dimples.

Apollo’s/Adonis Belt (v line) / アポロ、アドニスのベルト(vラインのところ)




I mean really…who else would I use for this example??

アポロのベルト、Urban Dictionary 曰く、股間に向かって伸びてるVの形に見える下腹部のラインのことね(外腹斜筋)。これが一番シンプルな説明かなと思う。アスリートみんなが持ってるってわけじゃないからね!それにもっと驚きなのは、これを持っている人すべての人がアスリートってわけでもないの!これは遺伝から受け継ぐ特徴だけど、筋トレとダイエットで作り出せるものなの。男性の身体では一番人気な特徴になる部分だね。

Apollo’s Belt, according to Urban Dictionary, are the lower abdominal lines that point to your crotch creating a V shape. This is probably the simplest way to describe them. Not all athletes have this! And more surprisingly not all people who have this are athletes! This is a genetic feature, but can be developed through workout and diet. It is one of the most popular features on men’s bodies.

Thigh Gap / サイギャップ




I don’t mind it I guess…but I’m not really feelin it…tbh.

これは女性が立ってる時に、両膝がくっついている状態で太ももの間にできるスペースのことです。#thighgap を見てみ、何でみんな股の写真を見せ合ってるのかなって思ったことあるかな。少なくとも私は最初こう思ったね。現在ではこれが女性の見た目で一番外見的な美を表してて、か弱さや女性らしさをアピールするものらしい。でも、遺伝子の影響でこのサイギャップを得ることが難しい女性もいるの。ティーンエージャーや若い世代の間ではかなり酷い摂食障害の原因にもなってるの。個人的にこれはどうでもいい。もしも、弱すぎて脚が使い物にならないとかっていうんだったら、太ももの間にスペースがあっても私には無意味。

A thigh gap is a space between the inner thighs of women when standing upright with knees touching. You may have seen #thighgap and wondered why people are showing off their crotches. At least that’s what I thought initially. A thigh gap is considered by some to be an aspect of physical attractiveness associated with fragility and femininity. However, due to genetics, it can be very difficult for some women to obtain a thigh gap. This has been a cause for some terrible eating disorders amongst teenagers and young adults. Personally, I don’t really care. Your thigh gap means nothing to me if you’re too weak to use your legs when you need to.

Cleft Chin (butt chin) / ケツ顎





私…正直この特徴大嫌い。顎割れちゃってる人全体的にとかケツ顎のことじゃないよ。何個かだけね。スーパーマンやバットマンには最高に見えるけど、私が最も耐えられないケツ顎はグリーのウィル・シュースターの顎。たまに彼の顔を見かけるんだけど、顎に金玉2つあることが本当にイラッとする。グリーを見てる時に金玉見たくないわ。私が見たいのは歌と踊りなの。ガァァァァ。うん。でもこの特徴が魅力的だと思う人もいるからね。私の場合はその人の顔によるかな。でもウィル・シュースターの顔のコンビネーションのどこかがとにかく私をイラッとさせちゃうの。あ、そうだ!英語のCleft chinには顎にエクボがあるって意味もあるんだよ。おしまい。

I…actually hate this feature. Not all cleft chin’s or butt chins. Just some. On Superman or Batman it looks great, but one butt chin I can’t stand is Will Schuester’s from Glee). Sometimes I see his face and I get angry that he has two little ball sacs on his chin. I don’t wanna see balls when I watch Glee. I wanna watch singing and dancing. ARGHHHH. But yea. Some people find this feature attractive. For me it depends on the rest of the person’s face. There is something about the combination of Will Schuester’s features that makes me angry. OH YEA. So Cleft Chin refers to a dimple on the chin. DONE.


I hope you found this article somewhat informative! It’s totally biased! If given a topic I will rant and rave! What do you guys think about these features? Which ones do you like? Do you abhor any of these?