波乱だらけだったMTV ビデオミュージックアワードを振り返ろう!



If you listen to English music, MTV hosted an awards show featuring all top artists again this year. In America, it was all over the media, so we would like to bring the hot Miley Cyrus news and other episodes from the night to you guys!

Photo: Megumi

Photo: Megumi

みんな8月30日に MTV で行われた Video Music Awards (VMAs) 見た?2013年の VMAs の時に数週間くらいマイリー・サイラスがかなり注目を浴びてました。腰を振ったりだとか激しいダンスをして、熊と踊って、ベロをずっと出しっぱなしで、自分自身で賞を受け取らずに、見ず知らずの男の人に受け取らせて少年ホームレス事情についてスピーチをさせました。
彼女は MTV にもう二度と VMAs に出演出来ないと言われましたが、何をしたと思うでしょう?彼女、司会者やったんだよ、ビッチ達。マイリーはどこにもいかねー、ってワケ。
それでもう一度言うとね、みんなが今年の VMAs 見て、それがもう、かーなーり面白かった。

Have you all seen the Video Music Awards that happened on August 30th presented by MTV. Back in the 2013 VMAs, Miley Cyrus was in the headlines for a couple of weeks. She twerked, she danced with bears, she had her tongue out 24/7, and instead of accepting her award herself, she made a random dude make a speech raising awareness about homeless youth.
She was told by MTV (supposedly) that she is not allowed to perform at the VMAs anymore, so what did she decide to do… SHE HOSTED BITCH. Miley ain’t going nowhere for real….
Again, we have all witnessed this year’s VMAs and it was fucking entertaining for sure.
There were quite a lot of moments that were awesome, but I’ll just mention a few that revolve around Miley and as for the others, you can get the gist of it here.

Taylor and Nicki are besties but Nicki and Miley…? / テイラーとニッキーは仲良し、じゃあニッキーとマイリーは…?

以前 Junko がテイラー・スウィフトとニッキー・ミナージュとの間のツイッター上のケンカについて話したの覚えてる?そのドラマのせいで、2人がお互いに対してどうリアクションするかみんな緊張してたんだよね。
それってかなり大きなこと!ニッキーのパフォーマンスすごく良くて、そしたらいきなりテイラーが歌いながらステージに出てきたの。仕舞いにはニッキーはテイラーに『Bad Blood』まで歌わせちゃったの。マジで?!ニッキーのこと知ってる人ならわかるよね、それってさ、彼女のかなりの妥協だよね…ウワァ!テイラーとニッキーが親友に戻ったことでみんなの気も抜けるね…まぁでも、少なくとも今だけは…だって、最近ツイッター上でケンカするのが流行ってるみたいだし…

Remember when Junko mentioned a beef between Taylor and Nicki a few weeks ago on their twitter? Well because of that whole drama, we were all VERY nervous to see the two of them and how they will react to each other.
Apparently, the pop culture queens decided to perform together to OPEN THE SHOW!
Now, that was HUGE! Nicki’s performance was fine and then out of nowhere Taylor came out to sing with her. At the end, Nicki even let Taylor sing her own song “Bad Blood”!! WHAT! Knowing Nicki, I think that was a huge compromise that she made…WOW. Now we can all relax since Taylor and Nicki are back to being friends… at least, for now….since nowadays, fighting on Twitter against each other is a thing….



今回はニッキーと私たちの最高な司会者、マイリーが仲良く出来なかったみたい!VMAs を追ってみると解るんだけど、ニッキーが発したこの2単語が今かなりバイラルしてるの、もう至る所で。
「Miley, WHAT’S GOOD?」
マイリーのニューヨーク・タイムズでのインタビューで、その時にニッキーと VMAs に対する論争についてどう思うか聞かれたの。それに対する一連のマイリーの反応は「優しくなかったよね」、「結構酷かったよね」、「ニッキー・ミナージュっぽい瞬間だよね」とか「ニッキー・ミナージュはそんなに優しくない…」とかなんとかかんとか…(インタビューはこちらで)。

Nicki and our wonderful host, Miley did NOT get along this time! If anyone of you followed the VMAs, these two words that came out of Nicki are quite the trending phrase EVERYWHERE.
“Miley, WHAT’S GOOD?”
This doesn’t mean that Nicki was asking Miley how she felt today or how’s it going, but Nicki called out Miley on the spot right after she accepted the award of Best Hip hop video for the night. She thanked everyone and right after that, she needed to address the shade that Miley threw in the press towards her.
Basically, Miley was called out by Nicki because of this:
On the New York Times Interview with Miley, she was asked how she feels about the controversy with the VMA’s that was happening at the moment that revolved around Nicki. Miley replied by saying “It was not nice of her” “She was kind of mean” “It was a very Nicki Minaj moment” “Nicki Minaj is not too kind” etc… (See the Interview here.)


Now, Miley said some shit! And obviously Miley did not correctly interpret Nicki’s controversy by saying “She made it about herself”. If anything, Taylor Swift totally made it about herself by replying to Nicki, “It’s not like you to go against other women and blah blah blah”.


In a way, Miley tasted her own medicine by not fully understanding what Nicki is fighting for here and Nicki was fed up with it so she was just like



Miley ruined Justin Bieber’s moment / ジャスティンのあの瞬間がマイリーのせいで台無し

VMAs で見事なまでの返り咲きを果たしたジャスティン・ビーバー。彼は『Where are you now』と新シングルの『What do you mean?』を歌って、それが結構良かった。最後には感極まって泣いちゃって、ビックリしたマイリーはそこでバカげたコメントをしちゃったワケ。

Justin Bieber made a great comeback performance at this year’s VMAs. He performed “Where are you now” and his new single “What do you mean?”and it was pretty good. He cried at the end of his performance with JOY and then Miley was startled so she had to make a stupid comment again.
The reason why Justin cried was because the last time he was on stage, he was booed. And this time, seeing people cheering for him and dancing together, made him realize that he was a dumb teenager but now, he made it this far to make things right.


When he was having HIS MOMENT after the performance tearing up, Miley said,
“Wowwww, well Justin I’m waiting for you until you become legal to call me. HAHAHA JUST KIDDING”


Gosh, Miley only let his moment last just for a minute.

Miley’s outfits were basically all …naked-ish / マイリーの服装って基本的に…ヌーディッシュ

MTV はもちろんその瞬間を捉えちゃってたから、マイリーが続けて次のパフォーマンスをまだまだ紹介してる途中なのにカメラを切り替えないといけなくなって。
マイリーは過去にも女性のヌードについて発言してて、他の人がどう思うかなんて気にしないことで有名だから、こんなことされても正直驚かないよね。でもこれは #freethenipple のムーブメントにはより勢いを与えてるよね。このコンセプトは先日の記事で説明したから、チェックしてね。

Miley’s outfits were…not my taste definitely but may have appealed to some people. She actually showed her nipples while she was in the dressing room on LIVE television…Miley…you are literally a true entertainer.
MTV of course, captured that moment so they had to put the camera away from Miley even though she was talking and announcing what was coming up next.
She even noticed that she’s not on camera so she said “Wait what’s happening? Is my tits out?!” but didn’t seem to care so much…
Miley has a history of making many announcements regarding female nudity. She is famous for not caring what others think, which is not a surprise anymore, but also empowers the #freethenipple movement as well. I have explained this concept the other day on an article so check that out.
It’s all good freeing your nipple, but maybe not a wise and professional choice to make while you’re on live television hosting a show….

Miley after all did perform… / 最終的にマイリーがやってくれたパフォーマンスって…


Miley was continuously telling the viewers that she had a big surprise announcement and we now know….


She performed at the end with a bunch of colorful details going on, which was a surprise because we all thought that she wasn’t allowed to do so. And also announced that she is releasing a FREE album on soundcloud…this is the album so you can check it out… but….I dare you to listen to all of it…
It was VERY challenging for me to even finish the whole first song…

マイリーにまつわる話はだいたいこれくらいかな、もちろんマイリー以外の人との間にもハプニングあったよ。カニエが大統領になるって宣言して、カニエとテイラーが仲直りしたから #Kantay っていうハッシュタグも出来ちゃったし…他にも色々。

That’s about it with Miley’s shenanigans, but of course there was a lot more that happened not just around Miley. Kanye announced that he was going to run for president, Kanye and Taylor are back on good terms, and #Kantay happened…. and much more.


Let me know if you had a chance to watch it on Youtube or something and comment below!