American’s don’t care as much about fashion as Japanese people, is a topic we have talked about in the past before, but is this true? We decided to check out our speakers fashion!


Listn.me では色んなスピーカーがいます。ファッションにこだわる人もいれば、とにかく居心地の良い洋服を着たいという人もいます。以前スピーカーのファッションについて話して欲しいとリクエストを頂いたので、この場をかりて書いてみたいと思いました!みんなの #OOTD を撮って説明してもらいました!今回は夏の終わりなので、3ヶ月後はどんな服装をしているでしょう??

Here at Listn.me, we have various speakers. Some of us care a little more about what we wear than others, and others don’t give a rats ass about what they wear as long as they’re comfortable. We have also gotten a few questions and requests for our speakers to explain their fashion, so I thought I would take the opportunity to write about it! We went out and took the speakers #OOTD with some explanations! This is at the end of summer, so who knows what the speaker will look like 3 months down the road??


Shirt: American Eagleかな…Jun と Yuri と買い物いったとこ。
…wherever I went shopping with Jun and Yuri

Pants: Adidas – 佐賀にあるスポーツショップね。
Some sports shop in Saga


Shoes: 分からない – 寮に置いてかれた同じサイズの靴。
Dunno – left in the dorms by someone with the same shoe size.

Hat: ファンからのプレゼント
Present from a fan


o.o I like fashion. On other people. For me…I give no fucks. As long as I can run away from danger and fight back, I’m happy. Pet me.


Shirt: Nano Universe


Jacket: Journal Standard

Socks: H&M

Shoes: Converse Jack Purcell from ABC Mart

Underwear: Paul Smith (写真撮ってないけど/We didn’t take a picture though :P)


I tend to like fitted clothes and neutral colors. I’ll usually wear one thing that has a bit of color, a print, or some sort of graphic to serve as an accent. What’s most important to me is that I’m comfortable with what I’m wearing. It doesn’t matter how expensive something is so long as I’m happy with how I look in it. I like using 福袋 every year as a way to explore and try out new brands.


Shirt outside: ノーブランド。ハワイで買った。
None. I got this in Hawaii.

Shirt inside: OPAQUE.CLIP


Shoes: ノーブランド。新宿で買った。 None.
I got these in Shinjuku.

Watch: HERMES もう10年くらい使ってる。
I’ve used this like for 10 years.

Accessories: 4℃ Disney Bridal

気まずい!! 私はあまり白を着るのが好きじゃないの、ぽっちゃりに見えるから。笑 「高級ブランド」とかあまり興味ないの。私は何歳になっても好きな物を着る!!ありのままの自分でいたいから。まぁ…そんな感じかな。

Awkward!! I don’t like wearing white because it makes me look chubby LOL. I don’t really care for “high-brand things.” Instead, I want to wear whatever I’d like, no matter how old I get!! I want to be just as I am.Well…that’s pretty much.


Shirt: Forever21

Pants: Zara

Socks: Old Navy

Shoes: Zara

Hat: Agnes. b

Watch: WIRED

Accessories: Somewhere dope その辺のオシャレな場所で買った。


I sometimes like to dress like a ratchet ass gangster, but sometimes I like to dress like a french girl too. Because I want to be seduced in French by my future French husband, duh? MUAHHHHHHHHH MERCI


TShirt: Saturdays Surf New York

Shirt: Gap

Pants: Zara

Socks: お母さんが買ってくれたの。
My mom bought them for me.

Shoes: Etnies Sheckler 2’s

Hat: American Apparel

Watch: Nixon

Rings: Left: Ken’s Scratch, Vivienne Westwood. Right: Unknown (it was a gift), Opening Ceremony, Ken’s Scratch.


I try to dress for comfort. Sometimes I try to mix things up, but for the most part I definitely dress like a skater/west coastie…or some say hipster. I enjoy fun shirts and tend to wear a lot of black. Oh, and I like hats! Accessories are always fun and I have many different watches, but I do have my go-to watch.


Shirt: パリのお店で買った。
Some shop in Paris.

Dress: American Apparel

Bag: ポートランドの Abercrombieで買った、うん。
Abercrombie in Portland ugh.

Heels: 東京のお店で買った。
Some shop in Tokyo.

Bracelet: BCBG

私は普段ネットか海外で買い物するの。そこまで洋服やヒールにお金使わないんだけど、名古屋出身だからお父さんとおばあちゃんがブランド物くれるの、ほぼ使わないけど -_- 1番好きなブランドは Brandy MelvilleASOS、アメアパ、BCBG、とトップショップ。アクセサリーはあまりつけないけど、皮のチョーカーは大好き!

I usually buy clothes online or whenever I go overseas. I don’t spend so much money on clothes or heels but since I’m from Nagoya, my dad and grandma gave me many brand stuff which I rarely use -_- My favorite brands are; Brandy Melville, ASOS, American Apparel, BCBG and TOPSHOP. I don’t wear so many accessories but I love my leather choker. Choke me.


So this is a pretty good idea of how everyone at the Listn.me office dresses on a daily basis! What do you guys think? How do you guys dress? Let us know!!
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