よく目にするジェネレーションX,Y ってどういう意味?



Every generation is different in their own way. They bring to us certain technology and trends. This time we are going to introduce to you what represents these generations! Where do you belong?

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Are you part of Generation X or are you a part of Generation Y?
I’m team Gen Y.


But before I get into this any further, let’s rewind and get a better understanding of this whole Generation X and Generation Y thing. What is it anyways?

What is Generation X?/ジェネレーションXとは?


According to wikipedia, Generation X is the generation post World War II. Those who are born between 1960s and early 1980s are considered to be in this generation. Why is it X? Well, the X represents how this generation is more accepting of social diversity such as class, race, religion, ethnicity, culture, language, gender identity and sexual orientation. This generation is considered to have the highest level of education and tend to work harder and towards an end goal instead of idolizing an individual.

よく知られているジェネレーションXの監督たちは、クエンティン・タランティーノ、デヴィッド・フィンチャー、トッド・ソロンズなどです。作品としては『スラッカー』『サタデーナイトフィーバー』『フェリスはある朝突然に』などがこの世代を象徴する代表作です。ジェネレーションXではないのですが、ジョン・ヒューズは『ブレックファスト・クラブ』や『素敵な片思い』など、ジェネレーションXに生まれた人たちが観ながら育った作品の多くを手がけていました。他にもこの世代を代表する映画は『フォレスト・ガンプ』と『リアリティ・バイツ』(ここで、Lisa Loebの名曲Stayが使われています)です。これらすべての映画は素晴らしいのでまだ観たことがなければお勧めしますよ。ジェネレーションXによってMTVが作られ、ミュージックビデオ、エレクトロミュージック、パンクロック、オルタナティヴ、ヒップホップなど様々な素晴らしいものを紹介してくれました。

Some well known Gen X directors consist of Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher, Todd Solondz and more. Films such as Slacker, Saturday Night Fever, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off have become iconic representations for this generation.Although he is not considered to be in Gen X, John Hughes is responsible for many movies that were consumed by that generation, such as The Breakfast Cluband Sixteen Candles. Other notable films are Forrest Gump and Reality Bites (this is where that hit song Stay by Lisa Loeb comes from), which are all amazing movies that you should watch if you haven’t yet. From Generation X, we were given MTV as it is in this timeframe that music videos, electronic music, punk rock, alternative, hiphop and many more incredible discoveries were made.


From the sounds of it, Generation X brought it all and has it all.


Now let’s go over what exactly Generation Y is, shall we?

Team Generation Y/チーム・ジェネレーションY


Also known as the Millennials (or the Millennial Generation), this is the generation after X. People who are born roughly between 1980s to early 2000s will fall into this generation. They are also known as the internet generation because the preferred method of communication isn’t face to face, but via emails or text messages. Because they were raised with constant access to modern technology, the expectations for Generation Y’s to be up-to-date with all the latest forms of electronics is quite high. With the technology that they are surrounded with, they also have gained the power to gain access and knowledge from all over the world through the internet. In fact, in Generation Y, it is more likely that people learn more off of the internet instead of classrooms.


They are seen to be more family oriented and are willing to make sacrifices in their career advancement in order to achieve a better balance between work and life. They are confident, ambitious and are not afraid to question authority and ask for challenges. While they enjoy being a part of a team, they also enjoy the spotlight and crave it. They are more openminded, as we can see firsthand by the legalization of marijuana and same sex marriage (in America). They are known to be more loyal and committed and do not usually practice organized religions unlike Generation X.


Some notable cultural contributions from Generation Y are Facebook (and all other social media platforms), Taylor Swift, Coachella, and YouTube.

Generation Z..?/ジェネレーションZ・・・?


So since there is a Generation X and Y, the next logical thought would be, “What about those who are born after the early 2000s?” Well, luckily, we have one more letter in the alphabet. Children born after the early 2000s are considered to be a part of Generation Z. But because it has only been a few years, there isn’t much to say about this generation aside from the fact that they were born into a world where technology is advancing rapidly. Babies. They are all just a bunch of babies.


What do you think about these terminologies? Are they fitting? What team do you play for? Let me know in the comments!