When a Japanese person dives into the Western world, there are certain questions that will be directed at you that may be a little racist. Knowing about them ahead of time will allow you to be prepared to answer them and maybe even joke about them to make it less offensive.
(There are also certain things you shouldn’t say to Westerners, so make sure you check that out too!)


There is no denying that racism is still a part of America. While the US is doing its best to move forward and do “good”, there are still aspects in which some steps are going slower. In fact, while I would like to say that America is well cultured, there are parts of America where culture does not reach, and thus ignorance is brought into this world. If you are unfortunate enough to land yourselves in a place where there are misconceptions about outside cultures, I feel you. Been there, done that, and I kicked it in the butt. So, let me give you a slight heads up with what you may run into if you study abroad in America. By keeping these in mind, when you’re put into the situation where you’re facing some of these unworldly questions, you’ll have the perfect response ready!

Making Fun of The “Asian” Language/アジア圏の言葉をからかう



“Ching chong wing wong! What did I say?” There are some ignorant people who do believe that these random sounds that they produce out of their mouths actually mean something in a language you’ve been studying your whole life. Ignore the fact that Asia is the largest continent, that doesn’t matter because Asian is a language that everyone speaks. I certainly told the kid sitting next to me in my chemistry class I was fluent when he asked me “Do you speak Asian?”
It’s easy to take offense to such farce comments, but this is where you take control of the situation. Even if they don’t realize how ridiculous their question may sound, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get any fun out of it.

Assuming You Are Submissive/実に控えめな人種だという思い込み



There is this idea that Asian women, especially, are quite submissive. Actually, no, there is this odd stereotype that Asians are submissive in general. The guys need to bulk up and grow some balls, because being “submissive” isn’t “cool”. Girls will always care for you and listen to everything you say. It is very unfortunate to say that there are douche bags who believe in this and try to take advantage of this awful stereotype. So if you are ever put into a situation where you are told to grow some balls and be a man, tell them that not having respect and being uncultured is far worse than being kind hearted. If someone tries to take advantage of your “submissive” image because you are Asian, make sure you show him your powerful personality. Be a boss, bitch!

Anime, Games, Manga, Cosplay/アニメ、ゲーム、マンガ、コスプレ



Being from Japan, of course you’re going to be obsessed with anime, video games, manga and most importantly, cosplay! Whether this applies to you or not, you can shut down anyone who just assumes this because you’re from Japan. Just the way many people believe that all Americans own guns, this is far from the truth. If you’re lucky, you will probably meet people who do not expect you to know the latest Naruto installment. But if you’re as fortunate as I was, you will find a few kids running around after you showing off their impressive hand signals they learned to impress all ninja fans.
You may experience certain individuals trying to woo you by reciting lines from their favorite anime by heart. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be asked out by a quote from Fruits Basket?

Only Sushi, Rice, and Miso Soup/寿司と米と、あとはみそ汁だけでしょ



Just the way many people in Japan believe that the British eat fish and chips often, or how Americans eat hamburgers on the daily, many people have the idea that Japanese people only eat sushi, rice and miso soup. Of course, this is beyond ludicrous. Who could possible survive and get the proper nutrition they need by only eating raw fish and rice? I don’t think it’s possible, but if this is your diet and you are healthy, please enlighten me. But if anyone does come up to you and is surprised because your diet consists of actual food, perhaps you could educate them on a few other traditional dishes Japan has? Tell them how Japan has some of the best fried chicken. Shout out to the conbini kara-age! One of the best drunk foods.

Everyone is High-Tech/みんながハイテク

high tech

プログラムをどうやって使ったらいいかとかアプリのアインストールの仕方がわからないからっていうので、あなたは日本人だしっていう理由でもってみんながしつこくあなたの事を追いかけ回してきたら、まず、どうして、自分たちがいま不満だって事をそうい った会社に訴えないのか聞いてみるといいよ。

There is this image of Japan where robots roam the streets and everything is technologically advanced. Or maybe I’m over exaggerating a teeny bit. But there is this image that Asians, especially Japanese, are very good with their technology. I mean, can you blame them when all they see are the futuristic contraptions that make their way into the media? Japan has robots! Still, technology is so relevant. Just because the country is advanced in their technological discoveries, from my own personal experience, this doesn’t really apply to the majority of Japan. No offense.
So when people hound you for not knowing how to utilize that program or how to uninstall that app just because you’re from Japan, just ask them why they’re not suing some corporate big shot for making them unhappy. Because, you know, all Americans do is sue everything and anything for their inconveniences and unhappiness.


I hope I was able to inform you of some possible things you may encounter while studying abroad in the US. You will probably run into these stereotypes in other Western countries as well, as there are uncultured individuals in every country. But, being from America, I can only speak for myself based off of what I have personally experienced or what I have seen first hand happen to friends. I also hope that through this, the knowledge that stereotypes in general are quite far from the truth. So perhaps you should rethink those beliefs you have of that certain country before you go study there? It might make making friends easier if you’re not stuck up on some racist stereotype.