洋楽ヒットソングの歌詞を解説するよ! 8月編



It’s summer. We’re here to explain what the hit songs you’ve been hearing at the beach and club this month mean!


Heeeeyyy guys! It’s August! It’s summer!! Let’s continue with the breakdown of 5 more songs on the Top 40’s hits!

One Direction – Drag Me Down

チャートを急速に燃え広がっている曲はOne DirectionのDrag Me Downという曲です。また彼らがやってくれました。女の子たちが興奮して、パンティーを落としちゃうくらいの盛り上がりよう。彼をより良い男にしてくれたということを歌ってくれる曲を聴いて、誰しもが特別扱いされた気持ちになるでしょ!要するに彼らが歌っていることはそんなようなこと。リードシンガーの人生をより勇敢に、たくましくしてくれた一人の女の子のことを歌っていて、それを彼から奪い取ることなんて誰もできないわけです。

Climbing the charts like wildfire is One Direction’s Drag Me Down. They’re at it again. Making girls swoon and panties drop. Who wouldn’t feel special after hearing someone sing about how you’ve made him a better man? That’s basically what they’re crooning about. The changes a girl has made in the lead singer’s life has made him braver, stronger, and no one can take that away from him.

Fifth Harmony Feat. Kid Ink – Worth It


“Give it to me I’m Worth It” Whether or not the singers are talking about romance or sex is unclear, but it’s definitely a song about some sort of seduction. Throughout the song the girl is flirting with the guy and trying to get his attention. She continues to assure him that he’ll like what she has to offer…IF he is the one to make the first move.

5 Seconds of Summer – She’s Kinda Hot


This is a song that seems to want to united the “Losers” of society. Those with low self-esteem or without goals and dreams are often put down by the people in their lives. The main singer is basically saying, “What you’re saying is right. I am a loser. But I’m alright. We’re alright.” And then he gets distracted by his girlfriend’s looks and excuses her comments and nagging.

Skrillex and Diplo feat. Justin Beiber – Where are you now?

わたしは個人的にはビーバーファンではないのですが、クラブとかで曲がかかると思わず踊りたくなっちゃうキャッチーな曲を作っているのは間違いないですね。Skrillex, Diplo, Biberとのコラボ曲は確実にいつでも聴ける一曲だと思います。ビーバーの曲はセレーナ・ゴメスとの関係に影響しているものが多いです、「ドアが開いてないのに、君に鍵をあげた」は、誰も信じることができなかった中で、彼女だけを信じることができたことを歌っています。「君が必要なときに今君はどこにいるの?」は彼女がどこへ行ってしまったのかを言っています。彼はまだ彼女のことが好きなのに、なぜ彼女と一緒にいないのかわからないみたいです。

Now I’m personally not a Beiber fan, but he has some catchy hits that you can’t help but dance to in the club. This collaboration between Skrillex, Diplo and Beiber is something I can totally listen to any time. Supposedly Beiber’s lyrics are reflective of his relationship with Selena Gomez. “I gave you the key when the door wasn’t open,” is about opening up to her when he had never trusted anyone else like that before. “Where are you now that I need you?” is him wondering where she went. As if he doesn’t understand why they’re not together, because he still has feelings for her.

Pitbull feat Chris Brown – Fun


Another party song would be Pitbull’s Fun feat. Chris Brown. The two combine forces again to create an upbeat song to encourage listeners to let loose, dance, and just enjoy the night. It has a sound nostalgic to a Michael Jackson hit as well as a mix of the latin influence Pitbull brings to the table. And just so you know…when they say “305” he’s referring to the area code of the southern Florida area. It’s like he’s sending a little “hello” or “shoutout” to all of his friends, family, and fans in the Florida area. Miami is usually associated with 305.


That’s all for this month! Stay tuned for September’s music breakdown and enjoy the rest of your summer!!