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世界で話題になっているニュースを英語と日本語でお届けします。知識を増やすだけでなくリーディングの手助けにもなれるといいな! 今回は
・白人なのに黒人のふりをしていた? 黒人地位向上協会責任者の辞任劇

We bring you world news in both English and Japanese. Now only will reading this keep you updated, but it will also help with your reading! This time we talk about
・The similarities between Jurassic World and Sea World
・Rachel Dolezal
・Robin Williams last movie

それからもし見逃しちゃったよという場合には、私がここ最近話題になったシリーズ“Fuller House”とマレーシア地震が素っ裸になった観光客のせいで起こったっていうのと、自分の継ぐ名字に新しい名前を入れることについて書いたこの前のListn.me News Articleも読んでみてくださいね。

Have you guys been keeping up with the news recently? While there has been a lot going on these days, let us review three of the hottest topics!
And if you missed out, make sure to read the pervious Listn.me News Article where I wrote about the upcoming series, “Fuller House”, the Malaysian earthquake caused by naked tourists and the shift within the traditions of last names.

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Jurassic World = Sea World/ジュラシックワールド=シーワールド

Jurassic Worldは今月上旬にかなりの盛り上がりの中リリースされました。期待を一手に背負ったこの映画は大勢の人を映画館へと足を運ばせました。そしてその巨大な恐竜世界の中でChris Prattが劇場内の人たちの案内役を勤めます。
映画の予告が公開されると同時に、人々はこの映画とSea Worldの間にある共通点に気付き始めていました。

Jurassic World was released earlier this month with much hype. The anticipated movie brought a large crowd to the theaters, where the audience got their fill of Chris Pratt in the magnificent dino land. But one thing stuck out to the world even before the movie came out in theaters. As soon as the trailer was released, people began to see the similarities between the movie and Sea World.


まず最初に、観客がゾクゾクしながら観ている所に巨大なアメリカワニのような恐竜が、水の中から高い所に吊るされているサメを食べようとジャンプして現れる有名なシーン。これはまるで、Sea Worldで開催されている、トレーナーが指事を出しシャチが餌を目掛けて水の中からジャンプして姿をあらわす、あのシャチのショーのようです。

First, with the famous scene where the mega alligator-like dinosaur jumped out from the water to eat the shark dangled up high, while the crowded watches in awe. This is just like the orca show that happens at Sea World where trainers make their orcas jump out of the water for their food.
Next, let’s look at how these dinosaurs, who are supposed to be roaming the wild, are kept in cages for the entertainment for humans. While this is for educational purposes, so kids can learn more about these wild beasts, the argument for this is the fact that no animal will act the way they do in a confined space in their natural habitat. So, really, what are children learning from seeing these magnificent beasts in captivity? Not much.

最終的に、私がこのJurassic Worldで指摘をしたいなと思うのは、この映画の大筋の目的の一つはこの完全な恐竜を生み出すためにどうやって人が遺伝子学にのっとって恐竜の遺伝子を組みかえてゆくのかという所です。
これはそういった動物テーマパークに行って多くの人が期待する「ワ〜オ」の切っ掛けを増やしてゆくと思います。上野動物園がパンダを飼うように、Jurassic Worldは独自に恐竜を生み出したかったのだという事。これは、Sea Worldの方針と似ているのです、知りたいですか?そう、SeaWorldofHurtによると、Sea Worldではフランチャイズ内のそこにいるシャチの54%がTillikumという同じ父親なのです。Sea World内では数多くのシャチがともに繁殖されており、繁殖されていないケースの大多数はかなり高いです。そのために、Sea Worldで繁殖を繰り返されて来たシャチを、野生の世界で探し出そうとはまず思わないであろうという事が言われるのです。

And finally, I would like to point out that in Jurassic World, one of the major plot lines is how they genetically spliced dinosaurs to create the ultimate dinosaur. This increases the “wow” factor that many people expect from going to these animal parks. Just the way Ueno Zoo has Pandas, Jurassic World wanted to create their own dinosaur. How is this similar to Sea World, you ask? Well, at Sea World, according to SeaWorldofHurt 54% of the orcas within the franchise share the same father, Tillikum. With many orcas within Sea World being bred together, the number of cases of inbreeding is quite high. And with that, it can be said that the orcas that have been bred within Sea World, you would never find out in the wild.

Jurassic Worldは素晴らしいエンターテイメント性と、巨大スクリーンにアクションをもたらしつつもアニマルショービジネスというものが不快感をもたらす事実であるという点に強い光を当てながら偉大な仕事を成しているのです、そして、2015年の8月に日本にも上映されるJurassic World、一個人的に、私自身、かなり楽しみにしています。

Jurassic World does an amazing job at shining light onto the unsettling truths that is animal show business, while also bringing awesome entertainment and action to the big screens. I, for one, am personally very excited for Jurassic World to makes its way over to Japan in August, 2015.

Self Proclaimed African American, Rachel Dolezal/自らアフリカ系アメリカ人だと宣言したレイチェル・ドレザル氏


When you type in “ra” into your search engine, the first thing that pops up is Rachel Dolezal, the self-proclaimed African American woman who is making headlines all over. So, why has Rachel Dolezal made so many headlines?

Rachel Dolezal NAACP Spokane

Rachel Dolezal NAACP Spokane


Well, Rachel Dolezal had once been elected as the president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington from 2014 until she resigned in mid-June, 2015. Her resignation comes after allegations of her ethnicity came up. While she claimed to be African American, her parents who are of Caucasian decent spoke out. Pictures of her past surfaced and soon, she was said to be committing cultural appropriation. To this, she retorted with statements that her parents are lying and that she does not have proof that her “parents” are truly her “biological” parents.
She has not yet claimed that she is of Caucasian decent, and continues to claim that biology and genetics does not define her racial identity. Yet, when asked by news reporters whether or not she is African American, she cannot seem to answer, as seen in the KXLY interview clip down below.
While the news on Rachel Dolezal started to die down, she then went on to create an even further uproar by comparing her racial identity to that of Caitlyn Jenner, who recently came out to the public as transgender. She then continued on by coming out herself as bisexual and claiming that she has been in relations with not only men but also women. By this point, it seems more as if she is trying to gain more attention, whether it’s good publication or not.
The spotlight can be addicting, don’t you think?

Robin Williams Stars in “Boulevard”/ ロビン・ウィリアムズ主演の「ブルーバード」


The trailer for the final film in which Robin Williams starred in, “Boulevard” has been released and it’s pulling on everyone’s heartstrings. His death back in August, 2014 was a tragic one in which many mourned for. The amazing actor who has brought smiles and tears to so many people took his own life after a long battle with depression. Since then, his movies have been slowly making their way to the big screen after production, but none like his final film.

Michael Caufield Getty

Michael Caufield Getty


Robin Williams plays an unhappy bank manager Nolan, whose marriage is falling apart at the seams. He then decides to take a chance, and by doing so, meets Leo. Through Leo, Nolan begins to realize one thing he has been in denial of his whole life, and begins to accept it.
A very timely movie, Robin Williams will surely bring tears to your eyes with the movie (if the trailer didn’t already). The knowledge that this is his final movie, that there won’t be anything else after this, leaves a stronger impact on the message that “Boulevard” is trying to tell. Accepting yourself is a large part of being happy.


Had you guys heard of any of these news topics? Do you know any interesting events that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments!