ハリウッド映画や海外ドラマの青春モノに付きものなプロム。着飾った男女がちょっと背伸びしてパーティに参加するイメージがありますよね。日本の学校には無い習慣なのでよくわからない部分もあります。Listn.me のアメリカ出身スタッフが説明しますよ!

Everyone is familiar with “prom” if you watch Hollywood movies or foreign TV shows. Boys and Girls dress up like adults and go to a party. But this is something that isn’t common in Japan. Our Listn.me staff are going to explain prom!

What Is Prom?


In America, “The Prom” has been around for decades. In fact, if my memory is correct, I have heard stories of my Grandmother and my mother’s prom before? Unfortunately, I don’t remember their stories. Prom, short for the word promenade (meaning; a formal dance), is a black tie dance for high school students. Prom often occurs at the end of the year, as a way for students to celebrate their year’s work. Depending on the school, there are often age restrictions for prom. Proms are usually for the upperclassmen (juniors and seniors), but if an underclassmen (freshman and sophomore) is asked to the prom, they can go.

Photo: Thomas

Photo: Thomas

Prom King and Queen


Before prom, there is usually a campaign for students to run for Prom King and Prom Queen. The student body then votes who they believe should be their Prom King and Queen, who are then crowned during the event. Being Prom King and Prom Queen is something that many people are prideful of, even when they are older, as it is a big honor to be crowned.

What Do You Wear?


Guys usually wear a suite and tie. The traditional suit would be black and white, but many opt to wear different colors or add a splash of color via their ties or vests, to their outfit to match their dates dress. The girls will wear a traditional dress or an evening gown and will often times get their hair done professionally.

Photo: Kristina

Photo: Kristina

Photo: Thomas

Photo: Thomas



A tradition for prom, is the exchange of the corsage and boutonnieres. The guy will bring the girl a corsage to wear on her wrist, usually flowers that match her dress, and the girls, in return, will pin boutonnieres on their lapels. Then, the couple will get numerous pictures taken of them by their family and head off to prom.
Many kids will choose to go to prom together and rent a limo. They may go to dinner before prom, or head to a party afterwards, all via limo. This is the one night students are able to treat themselves like royalty.
Depending on the school, prom is held in the gymnasium of the school, or a ballroom will be rented out. There will be food and drinks available along with photo booths for couples and friends and the school will often prepare a popular DJ or band to come preform.
While prom is considered to be the main event, most students are more excited about the post-prom events. Whether this is a party at a different venue or someone’s home, or a trip out of town. While organized post-prom events are chaperoned, many parties do go unsupervised, and that is where many stories of students losing their virginity come from.
Now that we know what prom is, let’s talk about asking your date out.

Photo: Junko

Photo: Junko



In recent years it has become a trend to be very elaborate in the way you ask your date to prom. Students go on TV, create a whole production of events, cover post-its on their car, write on a billboard, surprise them in class, the list goes on and on. In fact, these elaborate ways of asking their date to prom is called promposal. This is a term that combines the words “prom” and “proposal” together. Why? These promposals are just as elaborate as real proposals. If anything, I think some of these promposals are more elaborate than real proposals. It’s a pretty big deal, asking someone out to prom.
If we go even further, because of these elaborate promposals and events, there have been students who have turned to the internet to ask their favorite celebrity to be their prom date. Let’s take a look at some of the celebs who surprised their fans by going to prom with them.

Celebrity Dates

2パック、悲劇的にこの世を去ってしまった有名なラッパー、は大ファンの手紙でのプロムへの誘いに返事をしました。彼は彼女のドレスとその晩のイベントの料金を全て払い、プロムへ行きました。リアーナも大ブレイクする前にファンと一緒にプロムに行きました。テイラー・スウィフトもプロムデートとして行きました。オリンピック金メダリストのショーン・ホワイトファンの誘いの返事へプロムの飛び入り参加し、彼のバンド、Bad Things がパフォーマンスをしました。

Tupac Shakur, a famous rapper who has tragically passed away, had responded to a fan of his who had written a letter to his fan club asking him to prom. He surprised her by buying her a dress and paying and the whole evening before taking her to prom. Rihanna took a fan to prom before she blew up the charts. Taylor Swift has also been a prom date, along with Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, who surprised his lucky fan by crashing her prom and his band Bad Things preformed on stage for her.


Prom has always been one of the biggest events for a high schooler, but it has substantially grown in importance over the years. While this all looks quite extravagant and fun, I would like to stress that prom, in the end, is not that important. One night out of your life is not going to change everything. While yes, it is a fun and memorable event, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on your dress and hair. You do not have to have the fanciest suite. You do not have to go to prom in a limo or really, you don’t even need a date.

Photo: Junko

Photo: Junko


Going to prom should not be about what dress you have on or what tie you have around you neck, but being able to enjoy your time and celebrate with your friends.


Now that prom is becoming an event that is growing globally, please keep in mind that prom is to have fun with friends, not a make it or break it event of your life.