街中で耳にする流行りの洋楽、メロディは覚えられても歌詞まで聴き取るのは難しいですよね? メロディからは想像もつかない内容だったりすることもたまにあります。ということで、今回はそれぞれの歌がどんな内容なのかを解説しますよ

You always hear the hit songs while you’re walking through the city, right? But what do they mean? Sometimes the meanings to these songs can surprise you if you’re only listening to the melody!

ほとんどの人が音楽が好きで、私たちは曲を歌ったり歌詞を見たりしてその曲をもっと知ろうとします。でも曲を歌詞から理解するのってたまに難しいですよね。最近のヒット曲と解説をいくつか紹介しようと思います。ちなみに参考にしたチャートはiTunes の洋楽ランキングです。

Almost everyone likes music and many of us will like to sing along or look up the lyrics to know the songs even better. But still, understanding the song from just the lyrics can sometimes be tough. I would like to share some recent hit songs and explain them a little.

See You Again ft. Charlie Puth /Wiz Khalifa

この曲は映画「ワイルドスピード SKY MISSION」に使われた曲で、この映画の主役を務めていた「ポール・ウォーカー」の追悼曲としても有名になりました。彼は映画の撮影期間中に不慮の交通事故によってこの世を去ってしまいました。彼の死後、監督は撮り終えていないシーンを彼の兄弟たちに演じさせることを決断し、結果映画はアメリカや他の国でも成功を納めました。この事実を知ってからこの曲を聴いたりPVを見ると、全然違った感じ方をするし改めて彼のことを歌っている曲だと実感します。特に「友よ、おまえがいなくなってしばらく経つな、今度会えた時には色々と話すよ」という部分はすごく感情が動かされます。

This song was used in a movie “Fast and Furious 7” and the song is so popular because it is a tribute song for actor Paul Walker, who played one of the main characters in this film. He was in a tragic accident during filming and passed away. After his death, the director decided to cover up the unfinished scenes with his brothers and the film was a great success in the US and other countries. If you listen to this song and watch the music video by knowing these facts, you will feel different and know that this song is actually singing about him. Especially in the line “It’s been a long day without you, my friend And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again” is very emotional.

See You Again

Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix) /OMI

この曲は基本的にある女の子のことを歌っていますが、チアリーダーではありません。OMI はただ自分にとってのチアリーダーを見つけたと歌ってますがこの場合、彼は実際には言ってないですが、彼女は彼をすごく励ましたり勇気づけてくれる存在で彼女が彼にとってとても大事だから失いたくないと言っています。彼は他にも「モチベーションが必要な時は、彼女が僕の唯一の解決策」や「他の女の子たちもみんな魅力的、だけど君がいないと僕の心は空っぽだよ」と言っているので他の女の子もホットだけどこの女の子と比べたらまだまだ魅力的ではないのを意味しています。彼はラッキーだね。

This song is singing about a girl. OMI is just singing that he found himself a “cheerleader”, and in this case, he doesn’t actually mention it, but she is a girl that cheers him up. He also doesn’t want to lose her because she is so precious to him. He mentions that “when I need motivation My one solution is my queen” and also “all these other girls are tempting But I’m empty when you’re gone” so it means that other girls are also hot but they aren’t attractive enough compared to this girl. He’s lucky.


Shut Up and Dance /WALK THE MOON

この曲はダンスクラブで運命の人と出会った男の話です。この曲の中で「良いから黙って私と踊りなさいよ」と言ってくる女の子の態度を見て、彼は自分が出会ったその女の子は運命の人だとしきりに言っています。「彼女の瞳の奥に、未来が見える気がする。これが最後のチャンスだと分かった」という部分は特に「彼女は運命の人だ」と彼女と結婚したいんだということを強調していますね。 “cheerleader” と同様、この曲に出てくるこの女の子も「振り向かないで、私のことだけを見て」と言ってくるぐらい強い性格の持ち主ですね。もしかしたら男は強い女性の方が良いのかも。

This is a song about a guy who finds his soulmate in a dance club. In this song he keeps saying that the girl he met there is his destiny because of the girl’s attitude telling him “shut up and dance with me.” The line “deep in her eyes, I think I see the future. I realize this is my last chance” especially shows that he is emphasizing “she is my destiny” and wanting to marry her. Just like the song “Cheerleader” this girl in this song also has a strong character by saying things like “oh don’t you dare look back, Just keep your eyes on me” maybe men are likely to have strong women.

Shut Up and Dance

Lean On (feat. MØ) /Major Lazer & DJ Snake


This song is singing about a young relationship. Something like “We were young enough to get into a serious relationship but now I finally realised that I need somebody to rely on.” The line “blow a kiss, fire a gun” means the good and bad just like “carrot and a stick” which shows that we always need this to maintain relationships. The lyrics also shows that her young relationship failed by looking at the line “When the nights are long, longing for you to come home, all around the wind blows, we would only hold on to let go” because this shows that she didn’t fully trust him anymore and unable to see their future.
I think it’s a quite sad song but still it is emphasizing the importance of having someone who you can trust.

Lean On

Fight Song /Rachel Platten


This songs theme is “cheering up yourself” or “you have nothing to be afraid of, just do it!” I think it is a very good song when you feel a little bit depressed and want a change in your life. Actually, this is a “Fight Song” for everyone! The first verse is telling us that “each of us might be weak and small but we can be strong and big if we unite.” The lines “…I don’t really care if nobody else believes, cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me” shows that “I don’t care what other people say about me cause I have many things to do.”

Fight Song