五月病は日本だけ? 海外の季節病と曜日の呼び方



In America, the new school year starts in September, so they have a different seasonal illness than Japan. But, depending on the day of the week, people feel gloomy. We will introduce how you call these specific days!

 Use your imagination


English will always entertain me. There are words and phrases that you will never hear if you only know Japanese. For example, you know those Mondays when you just don’t want it to come and you feel so shitty on Sunday nights? Or those months when you just sort of can’t get it together? Well, there are terms you can use for those month and days! Let’s check them out!


May Blues


It’s a familiar term for most Japanese people because we use it a lot when this time of the month comes around. I found a term in English that said “May Depression Syndrome.” However, I just think that’s a little dramatic, so I’m not going to use that. Frankly speaking, the reason why we get the blues in May is because Japan starts the new work year/semester in April, so that May is the time of the month when you just want to go back to the good old days. April is when you have to settle and cope with the new environment you are in and to be honest, that’s pretty stressful.


Not to mention, in the beginning of May, we have a bunch of national holidays so we get roughly 5 days off of work/school. This is called, “Golden Week.” After we have a good rest, we have to go back to work, just like that. That’s another reason why May is not so much fun for many of us.

September Blues


As oppose to the May blues, America has September blues. It’s exactly for the same reason but since America starts their new school year in September and after a long summer break, they get the blues in September. It’s interesting because I feel like Japanese people love September! The weather is always epic during this month! Since Japan is such a humid country during the summer, it finally cools down and the breeze feels good in September!

January Blues


This is mostly used in America. According to Urban Dictionary, it’s the funk you enter when the holiday season is over. VERY American. Since, Japan does not consider Christmas a huge holiday, we wouldn’t think there is a huge gap between December and January. After eating a lot of good food and drinking hot coco on the couch all day, who wants to go back to reality?! I totally understand. Also, there aren’t many exciting events going on in January besides New Years Day and Spring is so far away.


Blue Monday


Well I think Blue Monday is pretty straightforward. It means…Monday’s SUCK!! This has to be universal. After the weekend and you have to go right back to work or school in morning? Sometimes, when it rains…those are the worst Mondays ever. I don’t think Japan has a term for Monday’s, so we should totally make one.

Hump Day Wednesday


This term needs some explanation. The literal meaning of hump is a rounded mass. You often see this word used with camels, as they have a hump on their back. The word “hump” is then applied to the week. Wednesday is in the middle of the work week, so once you make it up to the top of the hump, the rest is all down hill, which calls for some celebration! However, hump also is a slang to describe sex. Maybe be careful when you Google “hump” images… at least, not in public.

TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday)


For the last term, I think it’s appropriate to end it with a happy note. TGIF is recently used in Japan as well, but it just means WE MADE IT THROUGH TO FRIDAY! After a long week at school or work, you should be proud of yourself and go out and have fun or stay in and watch a bunch of movies!

What are your thoughts?


Do you have any other thoughts about other days or months that you just can’t deal with? Personally, since I live in Japan, June is the most frustrating months of my life. I hate June. I know there are a lot of June brides but I don’t get it. It’s so humid and my hair gets all frizzy and the air and everything is nasty! I hate June.
Are there terms you use in your country but not elsewhere? Let me know and let’s not get down on ourselves because May Blues is coming!! We can do it guys!