女性誌に出てくるモデルを見ると日本では長年細い体型が理想とされているようですね。海外ではどうでしょうか? 国ごとに美の基準はありそうですが、今回はアメリカの話を日米ハーフの Megumi が話しますよ!

If you look at the models that frequent women’s fashion magazines, in Japan, having long slender legs are ideal. But what about abroad? The criteria for beauty is different depending on the country. This time, our Japanese/American Megumi will talk about the American criteria!

Desirable Body types in Japan and America/日本とアメリカの女性の体形の違い

Female body types in each country/国によって女性が憧れる体型は違う


As a half American/Japanese woman living in Japan, I face multiple struggles in terms of body types. Japanese women tend to have the tiniest and smallest body types as opposed to westerners. In Japan, being extremely thin has actually become a problem amongst younger women in their 20s. So much that they simply do not eat because they fear getting fat. Frankly speaking, I have a whole lot of thighs and butt. I am proud to call myself a curvy person. However, sadly enough, curvy is a considered a form of obesity from a Japanese point of view.
When it comes to men’s preferences, it differs as well. Japanese men cannot bear with the idea of dating a woman who has a bigger butt or thighs than he does. (NOT offensive at all right?) But, they are more obsessed with boobs than American men are. American men tend to find women attractive when they have curves i.e big boobs, tight waist, and a big butt. Which body type are you? And do you think weight and body shapes are beyond stressful? You and me both, girls.

Desirable Body Type In Japan/日本で良しとされる体型

Be As Skinny As Possible/細ければ細いほどいい



As I mentioned earlier, being curvy is not a thing in Japan. You will not see a woman who shows off her butt or thighs (if they even have one) anywhere. So that if you’re a foreigner trying to buy cute clothes at Shibuya 109, there is no hope. Go to H&M or Forever 21 my friends.
It is obvious to see why Japanese women are obsessed with becoming skinny because the Japanese media, such as models and entertainment, are telling us to be skinny. For example, Purikura has recently become very extreme on how it alters our pictures.
The function of long and skinny legs are embedded in the camera function so that when you take a full body picture it looks like this. rolling my eyes






Anytime I go into these game centers and into the Purikura machines, I am livid. It is clear that society is telling us women to be like this because it “looks better” when it really is just so fake. These Purikura functions set a false example of how girls should look like.

We Want Curves…But Don’t Want To Show It Off?/くびれは欲しいけど、、、お尻とか胸はそこまで強調したくない、、、?


How does this make sense? If you want curves, you have to have boobs and some butt! It’s how the diet works! If you eat more protein and healthy food, you will eventually have curves. Japanese people cannot make up their mind. As I mentioned earlier, some girls don’t eat anything all day and think they can get curves…what?! Your boobs and butt are have fat too if you did not know. Just eat healthy and do a lot of squats. You’re welcome.



One of my favorite dopest musician. Boobs, skinny waist, butt and thick thighs.



The queen of curvy. Learn from the best.



Mini-Skirts Are Still A Thing!/ミニスカがまだ流行る日本!


As we all know by now, Japanese women love to show some leg rather than their boobs or their butt! They love mini-skirts and short pants! I guess it’s embarrassing for them to show off cleavage or they think it’s too “slutty.” Girls, it’s not. If you have big breasts, don’t hate on them. Love your body till you die! Your body is yours and it’s for you.

Desirable Body Type in America/アメリカで良しとされる体型

Big Booty and Boobs/お尻と胸


You know it. If you have a butt and boobs with a skinny waist, you have a body type that is idealistic in the western culture. If you’re going to a bar in America, and you wear clothes that cover up the majority of your body, it’s not something that will get you attention. If you want to stand out, try being sexy and show off some booty and boobs with some tight clothing! Some people refer to this ideal body figure as the “coca-cola bottle shape.”



Be Sexy Instead of Cute/かわいいより、セクシーでいて!


While “kawaii” is the ultimate compliment in Japan, “sexy” is where you should aim when you are in America. I think it’ll be easier to imagine the obvious differences between “kawaii” and “sexy” with the help of a few famous models from both countries.

“Kawaii” models/かわいいモデル



Reina Triendl



Mirei Kiritani



Nozomi Sasaki

Sexy models/セクシーモデル



Kate Moss


Scarlett Johansson. I know she’s not a model but I couldn’t resist myself



Alessandra Ambrosio


It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? The sort of features and whatnot that are more likeable from each country. Sexy and cute is the total opposite thing and if you want to be attractive to American men, I’ll say go for the sexier version of you!

Embrace The Body You Have!/自分の体を愛してあげて!


The only message I have for you is to not overthink too much about weight and body shapes! It is perfectly normal for us to have different body types because we are all only human. Every country has its own desirable/preferred body type and this is just a stem of one’s culture so that there is no way of looking right or wrong!
However, if you are a Japanese girl reading this article and you think just being skinny is the ultimate beauty…you might want to think twice. Someday, you might go to the US to study abroad where Americans consider curvy as beauty! Don’t be scared to show off some of your amazing body features! Embrace your body and be sexy!