English slang is different depending on your community and location, and once you start looking into it, there is no end. But knowing certain slang words will increase your understanding of native conversation. So this time we will introduce slang words that are used often!



A big part of understanding a language and its culture is to also have a good understanding of the slang terms that are used in common day practice. Now some of these words have been used in previous videos and articles, but let’s try to get a better grasp on their meaning and how to incorporate them into your daily vocabulary. By doing so, you will be more in tuned with not only the up-to-date culture of the west, but have a better understanding when you hear these words used in songs, movies, tv shows, or conversations.



This is used to call someone your “baby” or “sweety”, etc. It is a pet name, for a significant other. Although it has a very sweet meaning to it in our modern English, the word “bae” actually means “poop” in Danish.

ie: I’m going to go to the movies with my bae.



This is used to describe anything, anyone, any activity, that is obviously and extremely ordinary. It can also mean “unsophisticated”. This is used in a negative manner.

ie: She drinks Starbucks, that’s so basic.



A combination of “brother” and “romance”, bromance is a word used to describe the strong bond/friendship between two straight males. It is often used for between two best friends.

ie: Jeff and Michael’s bromance makes Sarah uncomfortable.

Can’t even


This phrase is used when you aren’t able to handle something or you don’t want to deal with an issue, person, or situation. When you are unable to continue your sentence or imagine something due to the situation, you use this phrase to express your lack of words.

ie: That puppy just tripped over its own feet. I just can’t even!


「Crazy」の改変単語です。普段使われている時は2回続けて「cray cray」と言います。これで「とてもクレイジー」の意味を表現しています。「Cray」は他にも「制御不能」とか「言葉で表現できないくらい最高すぎる」時にも使えます。

This is an alteration of the word “crazy”. It is often used in twos “cray cray” which expresses that something is “very crazy.” You can also use “cray” for when something is “out of control” or “awesome beyond words.”

ie: That party last night was cray!



The short form of saying “though”. While this started out being used as short hand, there is now a whole new usage for this term. “Tho” is often used after something or someone has been put down and when you want to point out a positive trait. Or if you just want to point out a certain aspect of someone or something, you use “tho” after.

ie: That girl was a jerk…her hair doe!

On fleek


Although this word had been listed on the internet in the past, it wasn’t until 2014, after this video was released that the word picked up. It means “on point” which means that something is perfect. Something is perfectly executed, something looks amazingly good, and it can be used towards something or even for yourself.

ie: Cara Delevine is on fleek!



While this word sounds very similar to “hell” the meaning means “extremely”. For anything, when you want to express a stronger emotion, by adding “hella” you are enforcing your thoughts.

ie: The winters in Oregon are hella cold.



This is a short form of the word “legitimate” and it is used to say “really”. When you are trying to prove something is authentic or honest, you can also use this term. It can be used in any ordinary situation.

ie: This chicken is legit good.


この単語の意味は悪口や酷い事を陰険で密かに言っていることを表しています。とてもカジュアルな感じで誰かをdisる時は「throwing shade」と言います。「Shady」って単語自体はシチュエーションや誰かに関して不安や疑いなどを抱いている時に使います。「Sketchy」も「shady」と同じように使えます。ですが「shade」と「sketch」は同じ意味ではないので、気をつけてください。

This is the act of saying something mean, rude or insulting someone underhandedly. When you are being very casual manner to diss someone, you are “throwing shade”. The term “shady” is also used when you want to express your uncertainty or suspicion in a certain person, place, or situation. “Shady” can be interchanged for “sketchy” but be careful because “shade” cannot be substituted with “sketch.”

ie: Quit throwing shade at Melinda, Sarah.
Jeff has been kind of acting shady lately hasn’t he?



Originating from the word “relationship” the term “ship” became popular first through the numerous fandoms that wrote fanfiction. This term soon got picked up on Tumblr and now it is a term used when someone endorses two people to be in a relationship (even if they are not). Although it is used mainly on people, this can also be used on other items such as food, drinks, and situations.

ie: I ship Zooey Deschanel and Joseph-Gordon Levitt because they are so cute together in 500 Days of Summer.


これは最高なことをこなせたときに使います。着ている洋服を上手く着こなしている時などに使います。他の言い方では「nailed it」や「killed it」もあります。

When you succeeded in something spectacular. When someone looks amazing or when something is just amazing. Other ways you can say this would be “nailed it” or “killed it”.

ie: You slayed that project presentation in business class!

The feels


This is a phrase that is used when you have many strong emotions that cannot be explained properly. Usually this is used when someone is feeling joy or sadness, and not so much anger. When expressing negativity, the word “negative” is added before “feels”.

ie: Watching Hachi gives me all the feels.



These are used when you want something or something badly. This is used to express your desire for what you want to achieve/attain.

ie: She was thirsty for the fist place trophy.


この単語はJustin Bieberの名曲「Boy Friend」のお陰でまた人気になりましたが、最初に使ったのは彼ではありません。「Swag」はかっこいい人や口先が上手い人のことを言います。その人がどのように自分を見せるか、歩き、ファッションや自信を通して、にも使えます。

While this term came back into use after the release of Justin Bieber’s song “Boy Friend” it was not created by him nor was it started by him. “Swag” is used to describe someone cool and smooth. It can also be how someone presents themselves to the public through their walk, fashion, and confidence.

ie: Look at guy with all that swag!



This is used when you are extremely excited about something. Originating from the word “yes” this is usually always said loudly and it is always typed in all capital letters with numerous A’s.

ie: YAAAAAAAS! I’m going to go to BANKS’ concert next week!


これは「一度しか生きない(You Only Live Once)」の頭文字言葉です。Drakeの曲の影響で人気になった言葉で、危なっかしい行動やバカらしい行動を取る前に言います。アクションを起こした後や失敗した時にも使えるフレーズです。とにかく「悔いはない」を別の言葉で表しています。

An acronym for You Only Live Once. Popularized by Drake, it is often used before someone does something that might be potentially dangerous or reckless. It can also be used after an action is taken place, or when a mistake has been done. It is a term to just say “no regrets!”

ie: I broke my arm cliff diving, but it was worth it because, YOLO!


Slang is difficult. This I do agree. Don’t feel stressed or discouraged if you are unable to use all of these terms right away. Just knowing where they come from and their meaning makes a huge difference to understanding the English culture also.

個人的にここで紹介した単語を全部使うことはないです。でも普段から使う単語もありまし、使っている人も多いです。楽しく日常会話に取り込んでみてください。それで間違えてもそれを気にせずに! だって自信を持って言ったら伝わる単語なので!

I personally wouldn’t say that I use all of these terms, but there are definitely some that I do use on a regular basis, and know of many people who do also. Try to have fun incorporating these words to your daily life! And even if you make a mistake, it doesn’t really matter because you can make these words work when said confidently!


Oh, yes, but please keep in mind that slang terms should not be used when you are speaking to people you need to respect. Slang should only be used when you are with your close friends or in an environment in which you feel comfortable to use slang and not worry about offending anyone. Because some people may get offended if you use some of these terms upon your first meeting.

これで新しい単語を教えることができてたら嬉しいです。個人的に「legit」と「the feels」を一番日常的に使います。

I hope I was able to enlighten you with some of these words. I personally use the words “legit” and “the feels” the most in my daily life.