Previously, we published two articles on movies we recommend. This time, we decided to introduce TV shows. It’s important to keep learning fun, and watching the same movie over and over can be boring for some people. For you guys, how about trying out a TV series?

映画編 ~英語学習に最適な映画紹介 pt 1~



We have introduced movies that can help aid you in your English learning in the past, but this time we thought we would introduce some TV shows! Perviously I had written two articles introducing awesome movies from all genres, so I thought that it would be a great opportunity to introduce some TV shows that I believe are interesting and can be beneficial for English learning!


While there are many TV shows that have made their way over to Japan, let me introduce you to some shows that have yet made their landing. Perhaps this can be their segue into the Japanese media stream?

まず最初に、Orange Is The New Blackから始めましょう。/First, let us start out with Orange Is The New Black.



全て、Netflixによってプロデュースされたドラマで Orange Is The New Black(OITNBとします)は全2シーズンとも大成功していてもうすぐ3rdシーズンが始まります。Piper Kerman の刑務所での実話体験に基づいていて、ところどころ収容者が耐えなければならない、本当に手に負えない状況を披露しつつ刑務所の壁の内側で繰り広げられる生活の展開の面白さがOITNBにはあります。

Fully produced by Netflix, Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) has been extremely successful with two full seasons and a third season coming out soon. Based on a true story about Piper Kerman’s experience in prison, OITNB has a hilarious twist to life within the prison walls, while also showcasing some of the truly unruly conditions that the inmates must put up with.

OITNBは、10年以上も前に彼女の犯した罪が明るみに出た挙げ句、15ヶ月もの間刑務所送りになったPiper Chapman の周辺に焦点を当てています。自分を取り巻く環境がトラウマで試練の多い生活であるか、彼女は少しも知らなかったのです。法の執行だけでなく刑務所制度のヒエラルキーにおいても彼女は障害を切り抜けていきます。

OITNB centers around Piper Chapman who is sent to prison for 15 months after she turned herself in for a crime she committed over a decade ago. Little did she know that the world she just surrendered herself in would be so traumatic and life changing. She undergoes obstacles with not only the law enforcement but also the hierarchy within the prison system.

このドラマで私が思う素晴らしいと思う事は、このヒットドラマPrison Break から生み出される刑務所での様々な観点を表しているというばかりでなく、それぞれの出演者の、本当に様々なバックグラウンドを表しているという所。このドラマで、みんなもアメリカにいると思いがけず耳にする事があり得る、色々な話し方のパターンにも慣れていくでしょう。

What I think is great about this show, is that not only does it portray a different view on prisons from the hit show Prison Break, it also displays the numerous backgrounds of each cast, who all come from different areas. This allows you to get used to the different speech patterns you may come across being in America.


Not every body speaks clean and perfect English. While some accents and speech patterns may be difficult to grasp onto at first, once you get used to it, the show is quite compelling with a sub-story revealed in each episode. I think that it is very important to get used to the different speech patterns that can be heard in America, especially if you are planning on studying or living in America.

 次は、House of Cardsというドラマです。/Our next show is called House of Cards.



House of Cardsはもっと重い雰囲気で真面目なシリーズになるのですが、政治に焦点を当てたドラマとは完全に違います。ボキャブラリーを増やしたい人や、より洗練された弁のたつ話し方で自分を表現したい人には、これも素敵なドラマになるのではないかなと思います。

While House of Cards may come off as a more dull and serious series, it is a completely different show that is centered around Politics. This can be an awesome show to watch when you want to increase your vocabulary and introduce you to phrases that you can use in a more sophisticated and eloquent manner.

House of Cardsは Frank Underwoodが主役を演じる作品で、 ワシントン中心部の近くに居る、南カリフォルニア州出身の民主党下院議員であるKevin Spaceyという人物によって繰り広げられていています。何かがなされる必要のある場合には、それを実現させるべく人々は Frankの所に出向きます。自分の目標と、相応と見る自分の信じるものを達成するために彼はくり出します、たとえそれがかなりの卑劣な行動を要することだとしてもです。

House of Cards follows Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, a Democratic congressman from South Carolina who is at the close to the center of Washington. If something needs to be done, people go to Frank to accomplish them. He is driven to attain his goals and what he believes he deserves, even if it means committing some very ugly acts.


Underwood has a way of speaking with a dramatic flair. Check this series out if you want your words to have more impact on whoever you’re speaking or writing to.


最高に笑えるFresh Off The Boatに話を移しましょう。/Now let’s throw in some awesome laughs with Fresh Off The Boat.



Fresh Off The Boatはステレオタイプなところもあるかもしれないですが、皆があるものと信じている「アメリカンドリーム」の現実を人々に知らせてくれるとても素晴らしい働きかけをする作品だと私は信じています。ある有名なシェフ、Eddie Huangの回想録をベースとしているのですが、 Fresh Off The Boatはこの「アメリカンドリーム」を達成させるべくオーランドに移住した中華系の移民ファミリーについての物語です。

While Fresh Off The Boat may play with the stereotypes, I believe that it does a great job at letting people know the reality of this “American Dream” that everyone believes exists. Based off of the memoirs of Eddie Huang, a celebrity chef, Fresh Off The Boat is about a family of Chinese immigrants who move to Orlando in order to attain this “American Dream.”


What’s pretty awesome about this show is that it is the first time in 20 years that there has been a show based on an Asian American family. Because of this, there has been a lot of controversy on how the characters are portrayed, how they are not “accurate.” But I think what’s important to keep in mind is that this show is not trying to depict every single Asian American family, and it is also a comedy, trying to point out these stereotypes that the society has on Asian families and show how they can be ridiculous.


It will bring laughs and also allow you to listen to another accent, although exaggerated, that can be heard when speaking English.


様々な切り口で描かれている、その他のコメディーJane The Virgin.について。/Another comedy with a different take is, Jane The Virgin.



Virgin Maryというコンセプトで描かれているのですが、 Janeはバージンにも関わらず妊娠するのです。彼女のボーイフレンドと自身の子供の父親の問題をどうにかすべく彼女がくぐり抜けなければならないその挑戦と試練の話です。

Playing off of the Virgin Mary concept, Jane becomes pregnant even though she is a virgin. The trials and ordeals she must overcome in order to work things out with her boyfriend and the father of her baby.

Jane The Virginは、出演者がラテンアクセントなのもあって最初はなかなか見るに慣れない作品かもしれませんが、このドラマは確実にみんなのリスニングスキルを豊かにしてくれるだろうなと思います。ラテンアクセント特有のスピードと巻き舌音が何よりも際立っているのですが、アメリカにいるとこのアクセントを耳にすること、よくあるのです。そればかりか、全体としてアメリカにおける貞操観念を知るきっかけにもなりますし、これはアメリカで今も多くの人に繰り広げられている話題なのです。

Jane The Virgin may be difficult to get accustomed to at first, due to their latino accents, it will definitely increase your listening skills. The speed and the rolls that are used in the latino accents are quite different from anything else, but it is also an accent that you will heard quite often while in America. It is also a place where you can learn about the whole concept of abstinence, which is still practiced by many in America.


最後に、私個人のお気に入りですが、Orphan Blackです。/And finally, my personal favorite, Orphan Black.



このトレイラーだけではこのドラマ全体を把握することはできませんが、サイエンスフィクションミステリー好きの人なら、 Orphan Black(私個人のお気に入りなのですけどね)はあなた向きのドラマです。カナダのドラマ Orphan BlackTatiana Maslany 演じるSarah Manningについての話で、彼女はロンドンに住む労働者層の出の孤児です。この物語は Sarahが自分と全く同じ女性が電車の前に飛び降りて自殺をしたのを目撃するところから始まります、そこからSarahは自分の資産に手に入れるべく彼女のアイデンティティーを盗む展開へと繋がります。ほんの些細な盗みがきっかけとなり、彼女自身も他にも沢山のクローンシスターが居るクローンであるという事に気づいてしまい、自身が変わってしまう生活へと引きずり込まれる事になるとは彼女はつゆも思っていなかったのです。

Although the trailer does not do the show justice at all, for any of you sci-fi mystery lovers, Orphan Black (a personal favorite of mine) is the show for you. A Canadian show, Orphan Black is about Sarah Manning, played by Tatiana Maslany, who is an orphan from the working class in London. The story starts off with Sarah seeing a girl identical to her jump in front of a train, killing herself, which leads to Sarah taking over her identity in order to try to gain access to her funds. Little did she know that this small petty theft would lead her into a life altering situation in which she finds out she is a clone, with numerous clone-sisters.

オールマイティ薬科学の組織、そして過激なカルト宗教が Sarahと彼女のクローンシスターの力を乗っ取ろうと試み、この話は科学の裏にある医薬と倫理観の中の世界の深く深くへと話が進んでゆきます。

With the introduction of an all-mighty science and medicine association and an extreme religious cult trying to gain power over Sarah and her clone-sisters, the story digs deeper and deeper into the advancement in medicine and the ethics behind science.

おびただしい数の人物が「標準的なアメリカ英語」を話してはいるものの、いろいろなアクセントが数多くあります。主役はロンドンの中でもさらに特有のアクセントで話します。私たちには「標準」アクセントがあります、ウクライナ人のアクセント、フランス人のアクセント、ロシア人、ドイツ人のアクセントなどです。みんなが英語を話す人たちです、でも、全てが同じ英語とは限りません。このドラマは色々なアクセントとその人の出身地での英語がどんな風に話されているかというのを聞けるチャンスが得られる、素晴らしいきっかけにもなります。そして、 Maslanyの色んなタイプのキャラクターを完璧にこなして演じる素晴らしい才能を目に見たいというのであれば、これはもうあなたのためのドラマです。

While the majority of the characters speak “standard American English” we have many different accents. Our lead character speaks with an estuary London accent. We have our “standard” accents, we have a Ukrainian accent, French accent, Russian, German, and so on. Everyone speaks English, but not everything is the same. It is a great way to be able get a chance to hear the different accents and the different ways English works depending on where you are from. Also, if you want to see Maslany’s amazing talents of being able to act out multiple characters so perfectly, this is your show.



It seems as though many of these shows that I have introduced will help train your ears to be able to understand and catch the different accents you may hear in America. These show are not only funny and compelling, but also an insight into an exaggerated version of the different cultures within America.


I hope that some of these shows sparked some interest in you guys. Let me know what you guys think about these shows!