皆さん、失恋したときにどうしますか? 私達は少し前の動画でも話したけど音楽を聴きます。失恋のね! 今回は英語の失恋ソングを紹介します。英語の失恋ソングを聞いて英語の勉強もすれば、失恋の悲しみも紛れるんじゃないですか?!Ha Ha Ha!

Hey everyone, what do you do when your heart has been broken? Just a little while ago, we talked about how we listen to music. Heartbreak songs! So this time, we are going to introduce English heartbreak songs. If you study English through breakup songs, maybe your heartbreak will disappear too?! Hahahaha!

Let’s talk about heartbreaks and music. Recently, we released a video in which Kristina and I talked about having a crush and being crushed. We both mentioned how we would listen to sad songs, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that the majority of people will listen to sad songs to help sooth their broken heart. When these songs are vocalizing exactly how you feel or what you experienced, it brings some sort of comfort. You’re not alone.


So we listen. And we cry.


Love songs are quite popular, but I feel like breakup songs are just as popular, if not a little more up the scale with its counterpart. There are thousands of breakup songs. But there are also thousands of songs that sing about heartbreak.


Before, Kristina introduced some inspirational and motivational songs, but this time, I want to knock it down a few notches and introduce some well-known heartbreak songs.


Let’s cry together!


Torn by Natalie Imbruglia

I’m all out of faith/確信がない
This is how I feel/私はこう感じる
I’m cold and I am shamed/私は寒くて、恥ずかしい
Lying naked on the floor/裸で床に寝そべてる
Illusion never changed/幻は全く変わらなかった
Into something real/何かしらの現実に
I’m wide awake and I can see/私の目は冷めて見える
The perfect sky is torn/完璧な空が破けてる
You’re a little late, I’m already torn/あなたは少し遅れてて、私はもう破けてる

This is a song that almost everybody knows. With her cute pixie cut that she rocked long before Miley Cyrus, she sings to this medium tempo pop tune about coming to the realization that this relationship was merely just a dream. I think that this song strikes a chord in all of us. Sometimes when we are so infatuated with someone, we become delusional…unable to see who they really are. It’s when we wake up from this dream, we see them for who they truly are and realize that what you thought you saw will never be.

この曲は誰もが知ってる曲かな。ショートカットをMiley Cyrusよりもっと前に可愛くこなしてた彼女はメディアムテンポのポップ曲で歌うのはこの現実逃避の恋愛が叶わないこと。この曲は誰もが共感できると思うんだよね。たまに誰かに夢中になりすぎて、思い違いしたり…その人の本性が見えなくなったり。その夢から覚めたとき、その人の本性がちゃんと見えて、見ていた幻想が真実にならないと気づく。

Breakeven by The Script

I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing/僕はまだ生きてるけど息途絶えそう
Just prayed to a God that I don’t believe in/さっき信じてもいない神様に祈った
‘Cause I got time while she got freedom/だって僕は時間(刑務所入り)もらったけど彼女は自由をもらった
‘Cause when a heart breaks, no, it don’t break even/心が壊れる時、ううん、綺麗に割れない
Her best days were some of my worst/彼女にとって良い日は僕にとって最悪
She finally met a man that’s gonna put her first/彼女はやっと彼女を優先する良い男に会った
While I’m wide awake she’s no trouble sleeping/僕の目が冴えてる時、彼女は眠るのに困らない
‘Cause when a heart breaks no it don’t break even… even… no/だって心が壊れる時って綺麗に割れないでしょ…

I remember clearly riding the bus to and from school my senior year, listening to The Script’s album. This song stood out the most with its message that a heart does not break even. Which can be said about most heartbreaks. When you’re broken hearted, sometimes you feel so desperate that you will do anything. Whether that is “praying to a God that you don’t believe in” or going out all night. As long as you can rid this aching feeling inside your chest.
高校3年の時にバス乗りながらThe Scriptのアルバムを聴いてたことをはっきり覚えてる。アルバムの中で一番聴き入れたこの曲のメッセージは心は綺麗に割れないこと。これはどんな失恋に対して言えるよね。失恋するとき、たまにやけくそになってなんでもしてしまう気持ちになる。それがもし信じてない神様に祈ったり、朝まで出かけたり。とにかく胸の中にある気持ちを無くせるのならなんでも。

Call It Off by Tegan and Sara

Maybe I would have been/もしかしたら私はなれたかも
Something you’d be good at/あなたの得意なこと
Maybe you would have been/もしかしたらあなたはなれたかも
Something I’d be good at/私の得意なこと
But now we’ll never know/でも今はお互い一生わからない

Tegan and Sara are notorious for their love songs. Whether that is for the positive love struck puppy mood to the searing pain of a breakup. With their simple lyrics and chords, they pluck that raw string in your heart that is connected to your tear ducts. In this song, what hit me the most, personally, was that they had done something to ruin the relationship before it even had a chance. Who knows, maybe it would have been great. Maybe the two of you could have been the best pair? “But now we’ll never know” because they won’t let it happen.

ラブソングを歌うことで有名なTegan and Sara。子犬みたいな一途な恋であったり、別れるときの苦しい気持ちまで幅広く歌うこの二人。シンプルな歌詞とコードで心の生身な部分を引っ張り、涙線までにもつながって引っ張る。この曲で、個人的に一番印象づいたのは、誰かが何か間違いを犯して二人が結ばれる前にチャンスを失った。分からないけど、もしかしたら最高になれたかもしれない。その二人がベストペアになれたかもしれない。「でも今はお互い一生分からない」だってもう可能性がないから。

With Or Without You by U2

My hands are tied/僕の手は結ばれている
My body bruised, she’s got me with/身体が痣だらけで、彼女と僕は
Nothing left to win/勝ち目がないし
And nothing else to lose/負けることもできない
With or without you/君が居ても居なくても
With or without you/ 君が居ても居なくても
I can’t live/僕は生きれない
With or without you/ 君が居ても居なくても

While there are some people who make a religious tie to this song, whether or not there is one, I will take the non-religious meaning of this song. I believe that this song is talking about a connection between two people who are unable to be with each other. “My hands are tied” with another relationship, but it isn’t the one that I want to be in. “Nothing left to win and nothing else to lose,” without an actual relationship, you can’t lose, but knowing that you can’t be with them, there is no winning.
Don’t get yourself into messy situations kids!


Wish You Were Here – Avril Lavigne

Damn, Damn, Damn/クソ、クソ、クソ
What I’d do to have you/私は何でもする君が居たら
Here, here, here/ここに、ここに、ここに
I wish you were here/私は君がここに居ることを願う
Damn, Damn, Damn/クソ、クソ、クソ
What I’d do to have you 私は何でもする君が居たら
Near, near, near/そばに、そばに、そばに
I wish you were here/ 私は君がここに居ることを願う
No, I don’t wanna let go/ううん、私は離したくない
I just wanna let you know/あなたに伝えたいだけ
That I never wanna let go/私は絶対離したくない

Bringing it forward to a more recent song, Avril Lavigne does a great job at voicing out that feeling of not wanting to let go. Right after a breakup, whether you were the one to initiate it or you are the one receiving it, there will always be a time when you feel nostalgic for your ex-partner. Someone who had always been there next to you, being able to laugh and go crazy with, is no longer next to you. The uncertainty one feels right after a breakup is simply summed up in this mascara teared song.

もっと最近の曲だと、Avril Lavigneは離したくない気持ちを上手く声に出してる。別れた直後、どっちが別れを切り出したとしても、元恋人が恋しい時は必ず訪れる。常にそばに居てくれた存在、一緒に笑ったりバカしたり、その人がもう隣にいない。別れた直後の不安定な気持ちはこのマスカラに染まった涙の曲に上手く収まってると思う。

White Horse by Taylor Swift

Cause I’m not your princess, this ain’t a fairytale/だって私はあなたのお嬢様じゃない、これはおとぎ話じゃない
I’m gonna find someone someday who might actually treat me well/私はいつか見つける、私をちゃんと大事にしてくれる人を
This is a big world, that was a small town/ここは大きな世界で、あそこは小さな町だった
There in my rear view mirror disappearing now/バックミラーの反射も消えていく
And it’s too late for you and your white horse/それでもう遅いの、あなたとあなたの白馬が
Now it’s too late for you and your white horse to catch me now/今はもう遅いの、あなたとあなたの白馬が私を掴まえるのは

Taylor Swift is known for her breakup songs that are based off of her numerous relationships from the past. They are all pretty raw with emotion, and there are so many that I would like to add to this list, but alas, that would make this list too long. So I will decide on only one song. While many people are very familiar with her albums Red and 1989, I want to take you guys back a few albums to Fearless, and take a listen to one of my personally favorite Taylor songs.
When you realize that, no matter how much you love and care for someone, it’s not always enough. Second chances, third chances, fourth chances, some people never change and you have to accept that not every person you meet will be the person on that white horse that you’re waiting for. I think I can say that we all agree that it’s the most heartbreaking when you still have such strong feelings for them, but you just can’t continue the toxic relationship that broke you down so many times before.

過去の関係を元に別れ曲を歌うこととして有名なTaylor Swift。かなり感情的で、紹介したい曲はたくさんあるけど、残念ながらそうしたらこの記事が長くなりすぎちゃう。だから、一曲に絞ってみた。アルバム「Red」と「1989」は良く知られてるけどその何枚か前のアルバム「Fearless」からの、個人的にTaylorの曲で結構好きなこの曲。

The Scientist by Coldplay

Tell me you love me, come back and haunt me/愛してるって言って、戻って僕の脳裏に住み着いて(?)
Oh, and I rush to the start/あぁ、それで僕は始まりに駆け寄る
Running in circles, chasing our tails/ぐるぐる回る、僕らはしっぽを追いかける
Coming back as we are/今の僕らのもとに戻る
Nobody said it was easy/誰も簡単だとは言ってない
Oh, it’s such a shame for us to part/あぁ、僕らが別れるのはとても残念だ
Nobody said it was easy/誰も簡単だとは言ってない
No one ever said it would be so hard/誰もここまで難しいとは言わなかった
I’m going back to the start/始めに戻る

I’m sure that there are a few people out there that have made the mistake. Maybe you are the one who ended the relationship, maybe you cheated on them, maybe you hurt them by saying something unnecessary. No matter the reason, this song is that exact situation. I made a mistake. I screwed up and I will do anything it takes to go back to the start. If only science could explain the reasons to my actions, but it isn’t that easy. No matter how you look at it, you keep coming to the same answer and you begin again, hoping that this next time, you will come up with a different answer. That maybe, you can rekindle the relationship that you had screwed up.


You by The Pretty Reckless

You don’t want me, no/あなたは私を欲しがらない、ううん
You don’t need me/あなたは私を必要としない
Like I want you, oh/私があなたを欲しがるように、あぁ
Like I need you/私があなたを必要するように
And I want you in my life/それで私はあなたが私の人生に居てほしい
And I need you in my life/ それで私はあなたが私の人生に必要なの

The Pretty Reckless is known more for their heavy and dark rock songs that compliment Taylor Momsen’s strong husky voice. But here we have this beautiful acoustic song that melts with her soothing voice. While there may be other diagnostics of this song, I am going to take it as it is. Just like this songs simple melody and straightforward lyrics, everyone has experienced a love that they cannot attain. When you love someone so much, when you care for them and see them in this certain way, and yet your feelings are not reciprocated, it can not only be the painful, but very frustrating. Letting go isn’t always the easiest thing when they haven’t broken your heart directly.

Taylor Momsenの強くてハスキーな声に合わせてヘビィ−で暗いロック曲を弾くことで知られてるThe Pretty Reckless。それでもここには綺麗なアコースティックギターに彼女の声が溶け込む曲がある。この曲の解釈はたくさんあるけど、私はそのまま受け取るね。この曲のシンプルなメロディーと真向な歌詞と一緒で、手に入らない恋は誰もが経験することだよね。どうしても好きな人がいて、その人のことがとても大事で、そうとしか見れないのにその感情が返されないのって痛いだけじゃなくてすごく苛立たしいことでもある。直接失恋してないから気持ちを手放すのも難しい。

Cannonball by Damien Rice

Still a little bit of your taste in my mouth/まだ少し君の味が僕の口の中に残ってる
Still a little bit of you laced with my doubt/まだ少し君が僕の疑いに編み込まれてる
Still a little hard to say what’s going on/まだ少しどうしたのかは言いづらい
Still a little bit of your ghost your witness/まだ少し君の幽霊は、君の目撃者
Still a little piece of your face i haven’t kissed/まだ少しキスしてない君の顔の部分
You step a little closer to me/君は僕に一歩寄り付く
Still I can’t see what’s going on/それでも僕は何が起こってるか見えない

Another song by an Irish artist…I’m starting to wonder if Irish boys have this secret talent for sad song writing.
Every song can be interpreted in different ways. And every song will have a different meaning to someone, especially if a connection is made to a certain time in their life. I personally used to listen to this song in the winter when I was going through a very tough time during my relationship. There was a break up at one point, and no matter how much I wanted to forget this person, I was unable to. There was a bit of them everywhere I looked and everywhere I went. This relationship made me learn some lessons that my mother had said she wished that I never had to learn. But, I did. I learned the hard way, and I feel like this song is exactly about that. Learning life lessons the hard way through a relationship you can’t quite get out of all the way.


When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways/僕のプライド、僕のエゴ、僕のわがままな生き方が
Caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life/君みたいな強くて良い女を僕の人生から追い出した
Now I never, never get to clean up the mess I made, oh/それで僕はもう絶対、絶対汚したのを綺麗にできない、あぁ
And it haunts me every time I close my eyes/それで毎回目を閉じると襲ってくる

One of the most well known heartbreak songs, Bruno Mars belts out these raw emotions of regret with this beautiful piano piece. This song is about how he let his pride get in the way, how he had put himself first, when he should have put “them” first. A relationship isn’t “you” and “I” but it’s “us” and “we” and that’s something that can get lost when your pride gets in the way. Now that he realizes this, it’s too late because she’s with someone else, happy. And how could you take that happiness away from her when you never gave her any of that?

かなり有名な失恋ソング、Bruno Marsが後悔を生身の感情で力強くピアノを弾きながら歌う。この曲は彼のプライドが邪魔して、自分を最初にして、本当は「自分等」を最初にすべきなのに。恋愛は「私」と「あなた」ではなく、「私たち」や「自分たち」のはずなんだけど、プライドが良く邪魔をしてしまう。それに彼は気がついたけど、もう手遅れで、彼女は違う人と幸せでいる。彼女の幸せを奪えるわけにはならない、なぜなら自分が元々あげてなかったから。

While I would have liked to end this with a round number of 10, I can’t help but include one last song…


One More Night by Stars

One more night, that was a good one/もう一晩、それは良かった
One more night, I dreamed it was good one (one more)/もう一晩、良いのだと夢に見た
One more night, that was a good one/もう一晩、それは良かった
One more night, the end should be a good one/もう一晩、最後くらい良いのにしよう
A good one/良いのにしよう

The most common breakdown for this song is that it is a one night stand between two people. Though, this song is actually a continuation from another song by this band called “Your Ex-Lover is Dead”. Some people even consider this song to be about breakup sex. No matter how you look at it, this song can fit that meaning. The pure rawness from not only the lyrics but the use of the instrumentals do a great job at capturing that animalistic emotions. It sounds soothing and melodic, and yet there is that undertone of anger and that burning desire for one another.

この曲の解説は二人の間でのワンナイトラブについてが一番多いかな。でもこの曲は以前このバンドが出した曲「Your Ex-Lover is Dead」の続きだと。だからこの曲を別れのセックスだって思う人も少なくはない。そう解釈しても、この曲はその意味に当てはまると思う。歌詞からだけじゃなく、演奏からでも野性的な感情をこのバンドは上手く捉えてる。滑らかでメロディアスな曲だけど、お互いに対する怒りと燃えてる欲望がすぐ真下にある。

What do you think this song means?
Or any of the songs I’ve mentioned?
What is your go-to heartbreak song?