Everyone has a memory or two that they want to forget. What if you were able to erase that said memory, would you?

The two of them sat quietly in a cafe, watching pigeons gather and strut on the other side of their window. Delia traced her finger on the edge of her coffee mug and sighed. Her short-lived relationship with Michael had ended poorly. His mustache and smile would no longer brighten her days.


Her friend Melinda disrupted her thoughts as she reached out and touched Delia’s arm.


“It hurts now, but you’re gonna be fine,” she reassured her.


Delia simply nodded and took another sip.


A few moments of silence had passed when Delia decided to speak.


“Hey, have you seen that movie Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind?” she asked as she continued to stare at the pigeons.

「映画のEternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind見た事ある?」鳩を眺めながら問いかけた。

“Yeah, that’s the one where Jim Carey’s character tries to erase memories of his ex-girlfriend right?” Melinda responded.

「それってJim Careyが元カノの記憶を消そうとするやつでしょ?」Melindaが返した。

“Yeah…that’s the one,” Delia paused and looked Melinda in the eyes, “Would you do it?”


“Do what?” she asked absentmindedly.


She was distracted by the large amount of pigeons that were gathering outside of their window now.


“Would you erase any of your exes from your memory if you could?” asked Delia.


“No,” Melinda replied assuredly.


“Really?” Delia asked unbelievingly.


“Yeah…I mean. Sometimes it hurts to remember certain events or people…but it’s those people and feelings that influenced me to make the choices I did. I am who I am now because of them. And I don’t know about you…but I’m happy with who I am.”


Melinda smiled at her friend.


Delia couldn’t help but smile back at her. Her friend may seem distracted and frazzled at times, but she was always confident in who she was. That was a trait Delia would always appreciate.


“Well anyways, I read an article about blocking memories the other day,” said Delia, finally ready to steer the topic in a new direction.


“In the article I read, researchers had successfully removed traumatic experiences from the memory of mice,” she continued.


How the heck did they do that?!” exclaimed Melinda.


“Believe it or not, they used light to manipulate the neurons in their brains!” Delia replied excitedly,

“They were able to block out the memory and negative feelings of being electrically shocked and instead focus the mice on feelings that were more positive and pleasant.”


“Wow, that’s insane…” Melinda said disbelievingly.


“Yeah..they’re trying to develop a way to do that for humans…help them remember the positive feelings more than the negative..” Delia trailed off when she saw Melinda’s face.


“I don’t think people really need a drug to do that,” she chided softly, “It might be harder to focus on the good, but that’s what friends are for! We’re here to help you stay positive and push through the hard times until you can stand on your own again!”


“God, Melinda. You sound like a greeting card!”


Delia smiled warmly. Melinda always knew what to say to make her feel better.


“I know,” Melinda replied cheerfully, “It’s good to know I can have a backup job as a greeting card writer in case my career as an actress falls through. But yeah, send me that article. I’d like to read it even if I disagree with the direction their headed.”


Delia laughed both at Melinda’s comment and the girl outside who seemed to be running away from a flock of pigeons.

Delia は Melinda のコメントと、鳩から逃げてる女の子を見て笑った。


■■ 今日のフレーズ!■■

How the heck