In order to learn more about Kawaii fashion, on September 28th, JK attended the Moshi Moshi Nippon Festival!


Junko: “Yes! We’re going this Sunday, September 28th!”


Kristina: “…I guess it’s written in stone.”



Sunday morning we met at Sendagaya station and were greeted by the sounds of bass, synths, and sunlight. Neither of us knew what we had in store for us as we approached the slowly growing roar of the speakers. To our left we saw a stage with a sole dancer rocking out to some poppy anime-like song neither of us had heard before. But our attention was immediately captured by two giant robots who’s laps seemed strangely welcoming. We lined up accordingly to board the mechanical woman’s popular lap. Look! It’s us! So much lap action!



After we finished making onlookers laugh at us, we went in line to get our tickets. There were two lines, one for foreigners and the other for Japanese. We weren’t sure which line to go into since Jun was born in Japan and is Japanese…so we just fell in line with the other Japanese kids.



We then moved onward into the main building to check out the booths and main stage. As we entered the building we could feel the speakers’ vibrations on the ground we walked on. It was intense! There were so many people! We made our way through the crowd with the stage as our main goal. There would be time to check out the booths later, we had to see what causing the crowd’s excitement.


We positioned ourselves on the outskirts of the audience. There was a group of men in front of us wildly dancing in sync. Neither of us wanted to interupt their groove so we watched from afar, only looking away when we realized what was happening on stage.


“Denpa-gumi” was on, dancing around in brightly colored dresses, playfully pushing and twirling. They interacted with the crowd, which in return happily responded. What control! They were so popular that when they left the stage, the floor almost immediately emptied.


We decided to follow the flow of the crowd and were pushed in front of a fortune telling booth. Our attention was immediately caught by a wildly bright red haired man. Since there was no line we walked right in and had our fortunes told.



Junko had never had her fortune read before so she was quite curious to hear what he had to say. Kristina was just drawn to his hair and his stack of tarot cards. Kristina went first, asking for a general reading. His prediction was positive and advised her to continue to work hard to reach her goals. Next year something big would happen!

Junko asked to have her Love fortune read, a popular request. It wasn’t negative, nor was it positive. He said that it would definitely work out if she gave it time, but warned her that her potential love interest has tendency to be shallow.

It was an interesting experience for the both of them. Will his predictions come true? Only time will tell!





We re-entered the crowd outside of the fortune tellers’ tent and slowly made a tour around the booth area. There were all sorts promotions, from makeup makeovers to eyebrow dying, kawaii hairstyling to cosplaying, karaoke to vendors selling models’ used goods. We stopped in front of a cardboard Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Photo op!



Maybe one day we can fight each other in front the real Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! <3


Kristina then went to the “What are you doing in Japan?” booth. When asked what she was doing in Japan she replied with, “Pro-wrestling!” and proceeded to demonstrate her knees and kicks on the host. Everyone had a good time.



We were then pulled back to the stage by the sound of familiar music. The DJ was playing “Shower” by Becky G and we started to dance along as some models came on stage. Fashion show time!

そこから私たちは馴染みのある曲に引かれ、メインステージへ戻りました。DJがBecky Gの「Shower」をかけていて、私たちは踊りながらモデルたちがステージへ出てくるのを見てました。ファッションショータイム!

It was an exciting exhibition of clothing, makeup, and hair. The lights flashed as the the models walked down the runway. The audience cheered and called out to their favorite models. Some models even threw free goods out to the masses. They were like rockstars! All the while we continued to dance and observe the mania. We watched some of the design lines display their work, and a demonstration was held by a few hairstylists. By the end we both had our own favorite models.


Junko really liked Kurumi Nakada. Suprise suprise, so did Kristina. She had a fresh face and her personal style was something we would both be willing to sport.



We had a lot of fun, but it was a really long day! Check out the video below to hear about the other stuff we did!

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