I never really gave it a second thought while I was in America, but seeing how horoscopes are common in Japan, I tried it out. Also, did you know the majority of American’s don’t know their blood type?

After seeing the Floral Kiss commercial and doing some research on it, it was brought to my attention that horoscopes are something that girls check on often. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know, but it got me curious and so I decided to look into some horoscope sites to see how accurate they are.


I’ve never been one for horoscopes. On occasion, I would look up my horoscope for the day for fun. I know it’s not the same but it also kind of relates to the whole blood type and zodiac personality thing. Are they any accurate?


I don’t know if I can answer this for everyone, but I would like to go through some of these descriptions and see if they describe/fit me personally.


I am a pisces, with an O blood type and I am also a sheep in my zodiac sign.



According to Horoscope.com

We pisces are people who are understanding, gentle and affectionate. We are easygoing, accepting and get a long with many different personalties. We are also a comforting sign to be around (smirk). We are most likely not to be a leader, but we make lives vibrant. It also says that we pisces, are intuitive, compassionate, artistic, gentle, wise and musical. Our weaknesses are that we are overly trusting, sad, and have a desire to escape reality. Our face also easily shows emotion. We like spiritual things, alone time, visual media, sleep, romance, music and swimming. We do not like know-it-alls, the past haunting us, being criticized or cruelty of any kind.



imageTo be honest, that is pretty accurate, I think. While there were a few factors that I don’t agree with, or perhaps, I don’t want to agree with…this is pretty on point with who I am. Unfortunately. I don’t want to fit into the mold that was created from my birthdate.



So now, let’s go take a look at my blood type.

According to furby.co.jp



It says here that women with the type O blood are pure, have dreams, desire and have high expectations who are also romantics. We are empathetic and easily give tender, love and care to animals and plants. We like to have meaning in our lives and our lifestyles. We are also emotional so we are easily moved. We do not get caught up in appearances or outward looks, but are more keen on our emotions and instinct. O type women are also very loyal when we like something. We care for all their relationships, and we speak truthfully. We look after our friends and also have many acquaintances, but because we have a strong personality, we tend to favor those who have a different personality than ours. We know who we like and are very good at keeping relations with them, but when it comes to people who we are not too keen on, we tend to ignore them and brush them off.



I believe that this is pretty accurate also…why must it be so??

Let’s look at the Chinese zodiac now.

According to senn.cocoloni.com





We sheep do not like sudden changes or impulsive decisions. We, in fact, like repetition and familiarity. We often find ourselves in job positions that require us to create actions and events that flow naturally, which we sheep like because there will be no sudden bumps in our ride. Sheep tend to help improve lives, but they are also quite protective of those who are in their inner circle. It is difficult for us sheep to let people into our circle, and it takes many kind gestures, loving support and time for us to feel comfortable enough to let them in. This can often times make other people feel as if we sheep are quite distant people and not knowing why.



I am not too sure if I can agree with the Chinese zodiac as much, although on a different site, the description of the sheep was much more accurate. This site also said that rats should steer clear from sheep. Kristina is a rat. She is also a leo, and on one of the horoscope websites, it said that pisces and leo’s do not get a long, but sad to break this myth, Kristina and I are happily friends.


All in all, I do not want to admit it, but I do feel that I fit into the description of the pisces and the o blood type pretty well. The sheep, not as much. I don’t really like that I fit into these descriptions because it makes me feel as though I am just that…ordinary. I had never really taken a look at all of these descriptions all at once before, so it was a little unsettling to see that it kind of is accurate when it comes to my personality.


Do you believe in horoscopes and signs?
What are yours?
Do the descriptions fit you?
Let me know!!