TOKYO探索 最初のデートで行きたいカフェ ~World Breakfast All Day~



行ってきました!東京探索第2回目は、世界中の朝食が食べられることで今話題のWorld Breakfast All Dayです!

Thanks again for joining us again at! Today Sarah and Michael took a trip down to Omote-sando in Tokyo for some delicious breakfast food from other countries. Oh … and did I mention it was breakfast food…for Lunch? Yessss. Breakfast for lunch! Breakfast for dinner! And if you’re feeling really crazy, you can even have breakfast for breakfast! Wild!


Today’s choice was World Breakfast All Day.

今日のチョイスはWorld Breakfast All Day です。

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From down the street, they could see a cute black stand-alone sign indicating that they had arrived. The shop’s exterior was painted a soft pale yellow with long clear windows that allowed passerby’s to look in and be tempted by the cozy atmosphere inside.



In the shop there is only one long table and several wood chairs. Normally, stoic…a small smile played on Sarah’s lips. Michael could hardly contain his excitement since he knew he was scoring points with his frosty lady. Towards the back of the shop, they could see a quaint kitchen and two friendly ladies encouraged the couple to sit where they please.



After one glance at the menu Michael knew he wanted to the Croatian Breakfast dish. He had never been there, but he hoped one day he and Sarah would venture to that part of the world. Sarah however seemed a little hesitant. Normally she preferred to just drink coffee and stare blankly at Michael’s mustache, but today…something was different. Her hand glided over to the English Breakfast and stopped.



“That one,” she said flatly to Michael.



Astonished by her assertive order, he quickly called one of the servers to the table.


Their server, Keiko, greeted them in English and informed them a little bit about each of the meals. Sarah and Michael were both quite impressed by her use of English. It turns out Keiko had spent quite some time living in the U.S.! Talk about international! Ready to order an iced cafe latte for both himself and Sarah, Michael was surprised by Sarah’s voice.


“I’ll have the pomegranate juice,” she said in a flat voice. Her eyes however flashed with excitement.



Inspired by Sarah’s break from the routine, Michael decided to order something different as well!


“I’ll have the Rosemary Ice Tea!” he added quickly.



Slowly the shop filled with more customers.


“It looks like we came just in time to beat the lunch hour rush!” Michael commented.



Sarah merely nodded and played with a stray hair on Michael’s mustache.


Their food came and Michael quickly devoured his dish. He sat quietly and tried not to eye Sarah’s plate.



Sarah…who normally never eats was able to 60% of her meal before pushing it satisfactorily towards Michael.


“Wow,” thought Michael, “She must have really liked it!” as he consumed the rest of her hash-brown, eggs, and beans.



Of course, his appetite had yet to be satisfied so he ordered desert. Out came the Kremsnita. A delicate dish which seemed to be like a mille-fille and pudding. Sarah ate about two bites and was finished. Again Michael cleaned the dish in a matter of seconds.



Here’s a little video of the two sharing their thoughts on the experience:


If you’re interested in trying a Croatian Breakfast, head down to WORLD BREAKFAST ALL DAY. The two ladies we mentioned (Ha and Keiko) will be happy to see you! If you do go…we’d love to see a picture of what you ordered! The Croation Breakfast is only available for the next two months before the change the menu, so get going!

クロアチアの朝ご飯を食べてみたいと思ったなら是非、WORLD BREAKFAST ALL DAYへ足を運んでみてください。お店のHaさんとKeikoさんがお待ちしております!それで、もし行ったら皆さんが注文したものを是非、写真で見てみたいです!(後感想も!)クロアチアの朝ご飯は2ヶ月後には違う国の朝ご飯のメニューに変わってしまうので、早く行ってくださいね!


by Kristina