最近この製品を見て、改めて気付いたのですが、日本には女性用〜 男性用〜 って多いですよね?それに対する違和感を今回は書いてみました。

It has recently been brought to my attention that here in Japan, they have a laptop that is for women. Yes, as absurd as that may sound, the Floral Kiss by Fujitsu is directed towards women, and only women. While this laptop was first released in 2012, they have come back with updates (ie: new color scheme and the latest Windows OS).



This laptop was created with a female oriented team who believed that the normal laptop designs had flaws in them that ignored many needs for women today. What is so different about this laptop for women?

Well, for starters, it has a design that is more appealing towards women. With elegant and feminine colors, the Floral Kiss comes with a flip latch that makes it easier to open “even by users with long fingernails” (Fujistu). The power button seems to represent a pearl-like jewel and the main function keys are “decorated with diamond-cut stone for a sophisticated look,” because we all know that diamonds represent sophistication. The computer comes with an AC adapter with more diamond-cut decorations and wireless mouse that is rounded so that it can fit nicely into the users’ hand.




Now let’s talk about the features!!

The Floral Kiss comes with pre-installed apps to help a woman make sure she stays a woman!It features a scrapbook app that will allow the users to save images and create their own collages of the handbags they find on the internet. At least, this is what I get from the commercial. Women only use the internet for looking up cute handbags. At least, that’s what I do…don’t you?




Floral Kiss also comes with the useful app that will let its users know their horoscopes. This application will tell you about your love scores, job and money luck. In this portion, the users also get top rankings for sweets, because that is all that women care about. I personally always make sure to read about my fortune in the morning.



The final application that the Floral Kiss promotes on their website is the handy dandy diary. This is where you can write about your exciting day searching for handbags and reading your horoscopes! In the commercial, the woman takes a picture of her pink manicure, which I assume she continues to write about in her diary. This application is useful because this will help users keep track of all the manicures and pedicures they get.



This is the message that I get from seeing this commercial. And I’m sure this is also the message that many other women who watch receive, whether they are from Japan or not.
But there is a very big difference in how a western and a Japanese woman would respond.


This whole concept of having gender specified products is quite normal here in Japan. With food that specifically say “For men!” or “For women!” I honestly was not too surprised that this computer exists. In fact, I was humored by this. But after watching the commercial that came out in 2012 for the Floral Kiss, I was appalled. It was just so ridiculous. The commercial implied that women have nothing better to do on the computer other than shop, look up horoscopes and write about their day. No, women do not do business, they do not create things, nor do they do coding. But this is my own personal conclusion that I have coming from the commercial only.


This commercial, and product in general, would not be welcomed in the majority of the western countries. Actually, this product probably would not be produced at all. In fact, in the same 2012, Bic released a pen called “Bic for Her,” a pen that designed and produced for girls. These pens were different from the regular pens because they were smooth and wrote beautifully. They came in pastel colors and had a sleek design that would be easier for girls to hold.



It is interesting to look at the major controversy that these pens caused in America, which ultimately led to more back lash than positive feedback.

The pens would have gone unnoticed without any controversy if the company had not mentioned that the pens were designed for girls. But, because many people are quite sensitive to gender equality and the possibility that something may be degrading to women, is not accepted. This is how it is for the most part in many western countries.




(by the way, doesn’t this picture look like a tampon box?)

Yet, here in Japan, gender specified products such as this Floral Kiss laptop, is common and, if I say so myself, quite popular.


Seeing how the Bic pens were received in America, the reaction that I can only assume the Floral Kiss to get in a western country would be nothing more than negativity. But here in Japan, after speaking to a Japanese woman, the normal reaction would be “not all women are like this, although there probably are girls out there that are like this.” The women in Japan would end their thoughts here, and ignore the product. That is why such products are produced here.


Why do you think that here in Japan, these gender specified items are so accepted and found often?
Why do these products not make it over to the western countries and why are they not accepted as a whole?
I would like to know your thoughts and opinions.